If your regular spinning class is boring you to tears, you need Fitness Freak: the site that gives you the lowdown on the hottest new classes near you. Judy Johnson explains why it's a step in the right direction

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Fitness is having a revamp in the digital age. It's no longer enough for us busy bees to spend time pumping iron in the gym day after day; we want fun. We want exciting. We want a workout that feels more like socialising. And we want to be able to find it and book it quickly and easily without having to sign our lives away at a gym we won't use all because we want to attend one class.

Enter, Fitness Freak . The brain child of Shara Tochia, a fitness instructor who realised it was far too much like hard work to discover and book fitness classes in London, the site lists the best fitness classes available in the capital and allows you to see locations, prices and classes in just a few clicks. Simply enter your postcode and when you want to work out and it'll tell you what fitness classes are going on in the area, just like that. Basically, it's taken away any excuses we may have had for not doing exercise and left us no choice but to log on and book in and smile as we do it.

But other than the foolproof, user-friendly site, the best bit about Fitness Freak is the classes. Whether you want to sweat it out at a bootcamp or dance off the extra pounds in a Zumba class, there's something for everyone and new finds are added regularly. One simple search proves they have their finger on the pulse of the fitness industry too; discover pro-blogger Bangs and a Bun's Spikes & Heels resistance training class at Gymbox or flick through the expansive selection of new yoga trends and you'll see what we mean.

As if that wasn't enough, they've teamed up with London's culture bible Time Out for bigger fitness events, too. We experienced their 'pop-up rave'; an hour-long aerobics-like class hosted in the Vaults under Waterloo Station, complete with glowsticks, neon paint and 90s music. It was hard work - who knew 'big fish, little fish, cardboard box' could be so tiring? - but left us buzzing and craving more. They even topped it off with fridges full of coconut water just to prove their super cool status.

We're hooked already. But what will it be next… aerial silks? The Beyonce-inspired Strut and Step? Pole dancing? Fitness has never been so fun...