Ditch the pricey gym membership and get fit for less with these at-home budget buys

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With bikini season looming the ever-daunting task of getting our bodies beach-ready is approaching and the need to get fit and shed our winter wobble is becoming somewhat pressing.

However, with the cost of gym memberships and fitness classes now rivalling that of a premium sports car, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know how we can stay fit and healthy without filing for bankruptcy. In a recent survey, up to 42% of 18-24 year olds stated that they were unable to join the gym due to the cripplingly high membership prices, while 19% of over 55 year olds said the same. With this in mind it’s not hard to see why one fifth of adults in England are currently obese.

Never fear though, because as always the Glossy Posse have come to your aid with the solution - cheap and cheerful fitness at home. Although, who has the space - or the cash - for a decked-out, top-of-the-line personal gym? Not us. So, we’ve delved into our resources to bring you the best selection of fitness tools that will guarantee you bust a sweat without having to break the bank. (Motivation not included.)


From £5.99, Buy online

Not just for the guys, these Bodymax Vinyl Dumbbells are a great way to do a little tightening and toning at home. Contrary to what many women think, incorporating dumbbells into your exercise regime will not give you macho-muscle arms. In fact, they’re perfect for physiotherapy exercises that work to shape up your arms, legs and backs and improve your overall core strength - these little babies are your one stop shop to an all-over killer bikini bod.

Bodyism Resistance Bands

£12, Buy online

Target and tone your lower body with the help of these elasticated bands designed by Clean + Lean founder, celebrity trainer and in-house GTG expert, James Duigan. Available in three strengths, opt between easy, medium or hard and follow a set of simple exercise instructions to achieve lean legs and a perky derriere.

Trigger Rollers

£19.98, Buy online

Inexpensive and easy to use, these foam rollers are an absolute workout must-have. Used for muscle rehabilitation, as an injury preventative and giving a full core body workout, they work by channelling blood and oxygen through to the muscles, which in turn creates elasticity and delivers a precision massage. Depending on how you use them they can also help to improve strength, balance and flexibility.

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Davina Fitness DVD

£5, Buy online

I know what you’re thinking - eugh, not another cheesy celeb workout DVD. However, TV presenter-turned-fitness fanatic Davina McCall’s version is the absolute real deal. Presenting three effective and fun routines, Davina focuses on high intensity workouts designed to work in short, energetic boosts that are ideal for fitness, toning and fat-burning. A great option for those days you just can’t face leaving the house to make that spin class - (plus, we just kind of love Davina).

Hula Hoop

£8.22, Buy online

Championed by those such a Beyonce and Kelly Osbourne, the humble hula hoop has come back in fashion as the new cheap and trendy way to stay slim. Equipped with 42 magnetic balls, this fitness hoop works to strengthen the core and give a full workout to your thighs, abs, glutes and arms. While it may take you a little while to get the rhythm, and you may feel like a bit of a fool hooping around your living room, this tool is a fast-track to Shakira-esque abs and that sounds pretty good to us.

Fast Exercise Book

£7.99, Buy online

Written by Dr Michael Mosley and Peta Bee, this book explores the impact and effectiveness of high intensity interval training  (HIIT) and how we can use it to get the most out of our workouts, whatever our age or level of fitness. Offering practical, science-based advice and a range of novel workouts designed for the time-starved, this is the ideal at-home read for anyone looking to lose fat, stay healthy and understand the body better.

Pilates Ring

£10.99, Buy online

A balanced blend of strength and flexibility training, this ring is ideal for those looking to add an element of resistance to their Pilates workout, or as an alternative to weights for those looking for a resistance training tool. Portable and practical, the bar is designed for both beginners and Pilates pros and will help to improve posture, reduces stress, and create lean, long muscles without bulking up.

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