It's the name on everyone's lips and has already amassed a host of A-List fans. Marissa Montgomery sat down with the Ballet Bodies founder to find out what makes this class so unique

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Wolf of Wall street star Margot Robbie swears by it. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes every week and most importantly my favorite Taylor Swift gets her dance on at Ballet Bodies in the heart of Beverly Hills.  I caught five minutes with founder of Ballet Bodies , Andie Hecker.

If you could sum up the BB workout in a sentence what would it be?

Ballet Bodies is a mix of personal training, Pilates & ballet.

When did you Start Ballet Bodies?

In 2008, in a tiny room on Sunset Boulevard… just me and my clients.

What was the thought behind the workout?

Whatever works to bring about the toned, lean aesthetic of a ballet dancer....

Being a Ballerina in the NYC ballet must have taught you a lot. Do you have a health tip you can share with us?

Balance is essential. All or nothing attitudes don't get you very far.

What is your favorite BB class to take and why?

I love the ballet classes. They're challenging (even for a former ballerina such as myself), and simple at the same time, so any non-dancer can take them and keep up but still get an amazing workout. We play fun music too!

How many times a week do your clients come to you to achieve noticeable results?

I have people come twice a week to six days a week, depending on what their goals are. I would suggest a consistent three days a week for an obvious change.

Advice to people taking a first ballet class?

Just focus on your body and keep going. Don't overthink and don't quit! It takes three classes to feel like you're getting the movements down. Come back!

How important is Pilates in your workout?

It plays a pretty vital role, given the fact that we use Pilate’s equipment. However, I learned the rules mainly so I could break them. Evolution has brought us past classical Pilates dogmaticism.

Who would you most like to teach a BB class to?

Anyone who hates working out. I like to change their minds on that front. I usually can.