Personal trainer Steve Mellor of Freedom2Train is now in residence at Claridge's hotel. If there’s one workout that really, seriously works, then this is it, says Susannah Taylor who has the lean muscle and triathlon medal to prove it

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Are you doing a workout and seeing no change? Have you been doing the same exercise for years and don’t see a difference? Well I know a man who could just change your life as well as the shape of your butt and stomach, and his name is Steve Mellor.

When I first started training with Steve over three years ago I was seriously unfit - under-fit even if there is such a word. I won’t bore you with the sweaty details as I have told  my fitness journey many times on this website , but Steve is the person who has helped me reach a level of fitness I never knew was within me. Never in a million years would I have thought I could  steam through a triathlon like I did two weeks ago   (and might I say, love it), I would never have put myself down as someone who is physically or mentally strong enough. Steve has also totally reeducated me on how to eat -  not only to achieve a stronger, leaner body, but to feel the best I can at all times of the day or night.

Over the course of the last three years I have dropped over 10% in body fat, lost a stone left over from having children and found muscular definition I never dreamt could belong to my body. What's perhaps even more rewarding however is realising that exercise can really, seriously be fun and that the vastly positive effects of dynamic, tough exercise can be life changing. Ranging from better abs to reduced stress, feeling more awake rather than feeling like my body is full of lead and having clearer skin and less cellulite - the benefits are endless. Through my job as a beauty and health editor I work with many personal trainers, and none have come close to the attention to detail, knowledge and expertise of Steve Mellor.

So a top class personal trainer deserves a top class home, and I'm very excited to announce that this week,  Freedom2Train  launches at Claridge's as their first ‘Personal Trainer in Residence.’ On the 6th floor of this famously beautiful and refined hotel, Steve Mellor, along with a  HIIT squad   of world class personal trainers will pioneer their new workout blueprint which creates impossibly lean, sculpted and strong bodies and unparalelled levels of fitness and stamina. Available to guests, members, as well as the public, Steve and his team will be holding 1-2-1 as well as small group sessions in the newly refurbed art deco designed gym that overlooks the rooftops of Mayfair.

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So what makes the Freedom2train workout so highly effective?  Well Steve, for starters is uncomplicated in his approach to health and fitness and remains totally unaffected by silly trends or fads. Forget bear crawling or hoolahooping, he's more into the science of what really, genuinely works, and in short trains people like athletes. His belief is that fitness should be highly functional, so you are strong enough to pick up a heavy child and not hurt your back, or run for the bus carrying heavy shopping bags and not feel like you're going to pass out. With a degree in sports science from Loughborough and ten years as a personal trainer under his belt he has a client list ranging from Arctic explorers to Olympians, marathon runners to professional athletes, actresses, models, and high profile members of the media. His no-fuss, no frills attitude to exercise is supported by a genuine fascination with the human body and what it can achieve (Mellor himself is a veteran marathon runner and last year completed the Marathon de Sables in the Sahara desert - 6 back-to-back marathons in 7 days across the sand dunes). The key, he explains about exercise is to work on strength so you keep moving forward with your fitness levels.

In a freedom2train session you will find yourself doing a combination of the best elements from varied types of training, from athletics to CrossFit, HIIT training and Yoga.  Each optimise the other to ensure you gain top fitness levels, maximum flexibility and optimum strength without ever looking bulky. "Yoga, rowing, running, cycling and exercises like burpees and Crossfit are all amazing' says Mellor," But should you do just one of them every day? No.  You need a mixture of many things to gain maximum full body results." Sessions will also include full body weighted movements like squats and lunges as well as tough bursts of High Intensity Interval Training. Ever heard of EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)? or AMRAP (As Many Round as Possible)? Get used to them. “Exercise has stayed the same over the years,” says Mellor, “What has changed is how much we know about the way the body adapts to training. The smart bit is how you apply that, and for me that comes down to intensity.” Sounds full on? It is, but noone said this was going to be easy.

What else? Steve and his team of trainers are very big on correct nutrition, (‘ abs are made in the kitchen ’ has been drummed into me) and they can help with anything from what to eat pre and post exercise, to an entire nutritional overhaul. What's more, with true Claridge's finesse, every fitness session will also include pre booster drinks (coconut water and an espresso shot), a post workout smoothie of your choice you can collect at reception on your way out, and if you are training midday, a lunchtime takeaway super-salad.

Obviously none of this comes cheap (this is Claridge's after all) and one-to-one training starts at £95 an hour, which is more than a  monthly gym membership in many places, but I'm sure it won't be a deterrent to those frequenting this hotel. Suddenly a very un-Claridge's vision flashes up in my head of smoothies and salad boxes lined up on the front desk like a Manhattan juice bar. I hope they are ready for this - the Freedom2Train 5 star training service looks set to be in big demand.

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