Already feeeling like you may have over indulged this December? Radiance Cleanse and yoga and wellbeing expert Jane Kersel are here to help...

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Having launched in 2009 as the first Soil Association certified organic juice cleanse in the UK, Radiance Cleanse  pride themselves on being one step ahead of the game and their latest launch is no different. The juicing experts have teamed up with Jane Kersel  to create a unique cleansing programme that supports both the body and the mind through the combination of organic, cold-pressed juices and nut milks with dynamic and restorative yoga practices, guided meditation and the use of Jane's signature scented candle.

An antidote to to today’s fast-food, fast-fix, fast-results culture the cleanse is an invitation to take stock and restore a state of mindfulness as we move into the new year.

Jane Kersel - one the UK’s leading authorities on yoga, meditation and integrative wellbeing - explained: “ My belief and my own experience is that after the Ritual Cleanse, your senses get stronger; food tastes great again; the head-fog is cleared; you radiate health, the inner world feels calm and you feel reconnected to yourself and enthused with new life”.

Radiance Cleanse are offering Get The Gloss readers 15% off a Ritual Cleanse.  Book your January cleanse here now.

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