Why autumn is a far better time than January to start a new health regime, by Susannah Taylor

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Today we are thrilled to launch our second Get The Box, and the theme is ‘Recharge & Reset’ . Why haven’t we waited to launch this in January you may ask? Because for us, autumn is the best time of year to start a healthy regime.

For most, September and October mark the end of a summer of overindulgence - too much cider drinking at festivals, rosé wine and scoffing halloumi followed by Eton mess at BBQs. As the children get back to school, and as the leaves start to fall, there is also a strong urge among us grown-ups to start afresh, get healthier, to feel better. I, for one, have an overwhelming desire to don my new Lulu Lemon leggings, get back to eating well, and rev up my fitness regime once more. Unfortunately, for those of you who are thinking of leaving it until January, when it’s minus five degrees outside, energy levels are at an all-time yearly low and your tax return looms overhead, it’s bad news - you are in for a much tougher ride.

So this month, to help set you on your new healthy path, we have a curated edit of seven energy-boosting, top quality, highly nutritious supplements that will increase your vitality levels, fuel your body and mind and help to annul the effects of the summer months.

Worth £65, but retailing through us for £24.95 (including post and packaging), each box contains the following:

Inner me Essential Three

A week’s worth of essential daily supplements: Vitamin D, Live cultures (aka probiotics) and high strength omega-3.

Why should I take it? Nutritional experts worldwide agree that we should all take these supplements no matter how amazing our diets are. We lack vitamin D especially in the UK, which helps bones and teeth, whilst probiotics maintain a healthy gut and omega-3 supports a healthy heart.

5 Pukka Vitalise Powders

An organic vibrant blend of 30 energising botanicals.

Why should I take it? Made with some of nature’s finest bounty including red ginseng, turmeric, seagreens, green tea and other antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, it’s an incredible natural mix to increase energy and vitality levels.

5 Pukka Clean Greens Powders

An organic blend of 11 super rich green foods including nettle, kale sprouts and wheatgrass juice.

Why should I take it? Containing a blend of super–dense nutrient-rich green foods with impressively high antioxidant levels, this is a powerful dose of daily alkaline goodness that’s hard to achieve through your daily diet.

A jar of Viridian High Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

A high quality multivitamin containing a higher quality of vitamin B5.

Why should I take it? A top-to-toe, inner-outer boost in one clever tablet – each contains vitamin B5 to help improve mental performance and reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as many other vitamins and minerals to improve all-round wellness.

A Complimentary Barrecore Voucher

A voucher to experience this body shaping, muscle lengthening class. For those unable to visit the studio there’s a month of online classes to do in the comfort of your own home.

Why should I do it? This high energy, low-impact, full body interval training programme utilises the ballet barre and other proven dance techniques to achieve unparalleled results in under four sessions.

A pot of Pip and Nut Coconut Almond Butter

A ridiculously tasty, super nutritious spread or snack containing zero nasties.

Why should I take it? Containing coconut, roasted almonds, agave syrup and sea salt, there is only good energy in this pot. Not only does it taste amazing on toast, in porridge and in smoothies, it is packed full of goodness to help body and mind.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

A 100% organic cold pressed, extra virgin oil extracted solely from coconuts. You can cook with it or use it to nourish hair and body.

Why should I use it? A modern day superfood, coconut oil contains a unique source of fatty acids which provide a quick source of natural energy and could also help reduce heart disease and maintain healthy brain function.