If burning calories wasn’t motivation enough the lure of the latest choice of high performance gym gear might just be…

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My interest is always piqued when I see a celebrity at the gym and the reason is two-fold. Firstly I want to know what they are doing; is it high-intensity tabatas or hardcore resistance training? And secondly I’m fascinated by what they are wearing. Celebrities working out always manage to look super chic – and it does beg the question, how can they make working up a sweat look so stylish?

Fashion fitness is a big thing right now and no one is doing it better than the stars. Julianne Hough has been pictured leaving the gym in LA looking very put together recently and the Kardashians, specifically Khloe, have a gym wardrobe I would absolutely love to raid. If you follow instagram you'll find endless selfies of supermodels in meticulous workout wear from Miranda Kerr in cropped leggings, Gisele in her yoga clothes and Bar Rafaeli sewating it out in fluoro cropped tops and shorts combo.  What’s more, being fashionable doesn’t mean a compromise on function; these outfits might look good but they are designed, first and foremost, to be practical. That means sweat-wicking fabrics, breathable panels in your underarms and in some cases compression technology to massage your muscles and boost circulation.

Call me a brat but I want to look as slick as the stars when they’re doing cardio and if I can’t have their toned legs (I did a thousand squats last week and they are still ‘soft’) then I’ll have what they’re wearing.

I had, until now, always preferred exercise to be about getting up and ‘doing it’ – I want to sweat, not get involved in some sort of high-cardio fashion show – but these high-performance options are too good to resist.

In a hidden corner of Forever 21 on Oxford Street there’s a brilliant choice of gear. A mesh panelled workout tee for under a tenner? Yes, please. Then there’s Sweaty Betty’s new Flaunt It print that’s so exciting it sets my resting heart rate up a few beats.

Lorna Jane, the brand born, and a firm favourite with active women, in Australia, has recently come to the UK and they are just one brand taking gym gear to the next level. There’s serious technology in the garments, specifically the tops, and no matter how much you sweat you don’t get that restrictive ‘cling’ and there is always a handy pocket for keys and cash.

Then of course there are the usual suspects like Adidas and Nike who have made hitting the gym look sexier than ever. I could go on because seriously everyone is at it. A recent glance at my browser history showed; Lucas Hugh, Lorna Jane, Sweaty Betty, Forever 21, Nike and now H&M are in my top 10 most recently visited sites. H&M you say? Yes, turns out the high street is getting on the bandwagon too.

It’s odd how a new gym wardrobe can reinvigorate the desire to get back out and exercise but it’s definitely doing the trick. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt more motivated.

Top 10 Fitness styles:

1) Sweaty Betty Aurora Dance Vest, £60

How could you not go the extra mile wearing this?

2) Forever 21 Colourblock Ankle Pants, £18.75

I like to think these go-faster stripes will actually make me go, erm, faster.

3) H&M Functional Jacket £34.99

Winter is coming so those layers need to be practical but visible too.

4) Lucas Hugh Highline Base Laser, £190

Keeps you toasty but not stifled when you’re working up a sweat in colder climes.

5) Nike Free Running shoes

My obsession with these customisable shoes is bordering on worrying – stylish and a dream to run in.

6) Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Running Sunglasses, £155

Squinting and working out don’t mix – these are essential kit.

7) Bodyism ‘I am energised’ Capri, £73

Next level style but this is a bold statement that shows you mean business.

8) Vis Dynamo Long Sleeve Top, £175

Statement styling with high-end technology – FIT.

9) USA Pro Fitness Jacket, £15

Great for slinging on post-workout but thumb holes and sweat wicking fabric make it a great top layer for outside exercise.

10) Lorna Jane Workout Short, £38

Super cute and with a relaxed fit they are beyond comfortable to workout in.