In the fourth in our series, fitness and nutrition expert Steve Mellor reveals his second workout plan that you can do anytime, anywhere

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If the thought of heading out to the gym is the last thing you’d want to do at the end of a long day, not to fret as you can still get your  fitness fix  from the comfort of your own home.

With HIRT (high intensity resistance training) providing the perfect hit (or rather HIIT – sorry) of cardio and strength training to target abs, blitz calories, lose weight and tone with or without a membership, it’s the ideal gym-free substitute for those looking for noticeable results but are short on time. We asked Get The Gloss and fitness and nutrition expert Steve Mellor  for his recommendations for exercises you can do at home for a workout that provides a comprehensive top to toe alternative on days when a drive to the gym is just a trip too far...

The warm up

Skipping or running on the spot for 5 minutes. Followed by:

1. Inchworms: “Press up position (on your hands and feet), walk (inch by inch) your feet in towards your hands, keeping the hands on the floor and legs completely straight. This warms up the backs of the legs. Complete 5 reps, 2 times.

2. Lunging lizard: “Press up position, bring your right foot up so it is to the right of your right hand. Keep your left foot where it is and keep the leg straight, try to lower your chest towards the floor and hold for 60 seconds. Repeat on both legs twice.”

The workout

1. Blitzer

Duration: “EMOM – every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, you must complete the following. If you complete it within the minute, you rest until the end of the minute before starting again,” says Steve.

- 5 burpees: “Start by lying flat on the ground, push the body off the ground using your arms then jump the feet up towards your hands and jump up until the hips are fully open and hands go above the head. Drop to the ground and repeat.”

- 6 jumping lunges: “Big stride forwards, lower the back knee down towards the ground, touch the ground then drive back up jump and change legs. Keep the feet hip width apart at all times and look forwards. Alternate legs.”

- 7 sumo squats: “With feet wider than normal squat stance, reach hips back and knees out wide as you sit down into a chair behind you. Touch the chair with your bum and stand up.”

2. Core abuse

Duration: “Repeat 2-4 times depending on fitness level,” says Steve.

- 60 second plank

- 5 press ups

- 40 second plank

- 5 press ups

- 20 second plank

- 5 press ups