Small changes, huge results: download our new Project Bikini 12 Week Fitness and Nutrition guide to leave you in the best shape of your life

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Here at Get The Gloss, we believe that nutrition can be seriously tasty as well as healthy, that exercise can be fun as well as fast and sweaty and that you can feel amazing and have bags of body confidence. Sounds a little too good to be true, right? We promise it’s easier than you think.

Getting bikini-ready doesn’t mean starving yourself or going to extremes and in our experience, it’s the smallest changes that lead to the biggest results for making a long-lasting and sustainable change.

So with that in mind, we bring you our new 12-week Project Bikini downloadable guide : an expert-approved body blitzing handbook providing all you’ll ever need to be looking and feeling your best both in the short and long-term. Results guaranteed.

The down-low on our downloadable guide...

Eat wiser, exercise smarter: these are the key lessons we’ve learned for reaching your fitness goals in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We’ve joined forces with some of the finest experts in the land to bring you this  12 Week Fitness and Nutrition Guide  devised by women for women that is guaranteed to leave you healthier, hotter and happier in 12 weeks. It’s a compilation of all the best things we know at Get The Gloss about getting in optimum shape and feeling good for life.

The guide will retail at a one-off special launch cost of £14.95 for a limited time only, which when you think about it, is the price of a Prêt lunch for two and a quarter of the price of one monthly gym membership. (Good news for waistlines and purse strings alike.)

There’s no weighing yourself, no faddiness and definitely no guilt trips.

What makes this guide different?

Ultimately, it’s realistic. There’s no weighing yourself, no faddiness and definitely no guilt trips. We promote building a strong, not skinny bod, plus, it’ll fit into your social life too, so you don’t lose friends along with those extra pesky pounds.

Project Bikini bypasses bland diet food, and we won’t be asking you to spend hours at the gym with complicated equipment you’re too embarrassed to use. Instead, we’ve recruited top chef Nina Parker  and nutritionist  Zoe Stirling  to bring you seven days's worth of only the tastiest healthy recipes that will not only help you to lose weight if you need to, but nourish your body with maximum nutrients.

Nike trainer  Joslyn Thompson-Rule  also prescribes her ultimate 12 week step-by-step guide to stripping fat and toning up with an at-home exercise plan that takes just 30 minutes a day. The plan will give you a fit but still feminine physique, and will include everything else you ever need to know about getting in shape, from supplements to motivation tips to the kit you need.

What else?

Every week in your 12 week journey we will send an email to help and encourage you along the way, and you can go to our Project Bikini hub  for relevant healthy articles.

We’ll be charting how our readers are getting along, and posting on our dedicated Instagram  @ProjectBikiniGTG  to inspire others just starting out. Our hashtags across all social media for the campaign are #hothappyhealthy and #projectbikini.

Grab your trainers and get on board. Beauty, brains, brawn and bikini confidence all inclusive.