Need some help keeping up your fitness motivation? We asked five bloggers how they keep their head in the game

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As the cold draws in and we spend more time wrapped up indoors, our workouts have to compete with the allure of a cosy blanket, a squashy sofa and a night of Netflix. So who better to get us out there and motivated than five bloggers who live and breathe fitness? The following five fitness stars have all added a new limited edition Scent to Power Your Personal Best Kit  produced by Neom  in partnership with Sweaty Betty  to their workout day, to help power their exercise regime and maximise their recovery - here they tell us what else keeps them going, their post-workout nutrition tips and how they train when the going gets tough...

Alice Liveing, 23

Actress, personal trainer, social media blogger and author of The Body Bible

“My mission is to help people discover a new way of eating and exercising that banishes low-calorie, yo-yo dieting and shows you the way to a healthier mind and body.”

GTG: How do you work out and how often?

AL:My favourite type of training is weight training, which I’ll usually do four or five times a week. I will always split my workouts into lower body and upper body and then will do a conditioning session with some core work as an additional day if I have time.”

GTG: Best tip for exercising?

AL: “Find a way of exercising that you enjoy. It sounds cliché, but to be consistent with your training and incorporate it into your lifestyle without it feeling like a chore, you need to find a way of getting active that you find enjoyable.”

GTG: Why do you recommend the Neom x Sweaty Betty Scent to Power Your Personal Best Kit?

AL: “The ‘Scent to Power Your Personal Best’ kit is the perfect reminder to de-stress and unwind when our lives are running at a million miles an hour. While we all love the buzz of a great workout, our recovery should never be neglected and this kit is a luxurious way to help you find your balance and to kick start the next day fully rejuvenated.

“The Nourish, Breathe & Energise Hand Balm helps to soften and soothe any calluses or dry skin that can occur through weight training, while the scent of the cream helps me to properly take a deep breath in and exhale any stresses that might have happened that day.

“The ultimate wind down comes from the Real Luxury Face, Body & Hair Oil. Itis the perfect way to help me de-stress before I go to sleep. I add it to a warm bath which I’ll take about an hour before I turn in. This not only helps ease any muscle tension, but helps to bring a bit of peace and calm to my ‘me time’. It also leaves my skin feeling beautifully smooth and smelling amazing.

“My favourite element of the kit is the pillow mist, which I spritz on to my pillow every other night. This 10 per cent natural spray is the perfect catalyst to help switch off and slip into a relaxing and deep sleep.”

GTG: Post workout refuel?

AL: “I always ensure that I refuel my body properly to help with repair of muscles and replenishment of glycogen levels within the muscle. I love a big bowl of warming oats with whey protein, berries and lashings of peanut butter.”

Favourite treat?

AL: “Ice cream - all day every day, particularly Häagen-Dazs salted caramel.”

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Phoebe Greenacre, 32

Business consultant, yoga teacher, travel and wellness blogger at

“It’s a little place to get inspired for your next holiday, spa adventure or some easy wellness tips to apply to your life.”

GTG: How do you work out?

PG: “I work out every day whether it be yoga, reformer Pilates, running or HIIT.”

GTG: How do you naturally power your workout?

PG: “I make sure I get at least eight  hours sleep so I feel energised for my morning workouts. If that doesn't happen, sometimes a matcha latte helps.”

GTG: Best exercise tip?

PG:Exercise the way that makes you feel good and happy; that way you will always look forward to your workouts.”

GTG: Why do you recommend the Neom x Sweaty Betty Scent to Power Your Personal Best Kit?

PG: “I love that the kit uses natural essential oils to help power up and cool down your energy levels pre- and post-workout. I think essential oils are highly underused so it’s great to see something on the market that taps into their powers.”

GTG: Post-workout refuel?

PG: “Poached eggs and smashed avocado.”

GTG: Favourite treat?

PG: “A glass of Malbec and some dark chocolate.”

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Lottie Murphy, 24

Pilates instructor, holistic health coach and lifestyle blogger at

“I have a balanced approach to my fitness, health and lifestyle and this is reflected in my Pilates workouts, recipes and vlogs. I’m just a real girl and hopefully can relate to lots of girls out there trying to figure out how to achieve their best body and best life without the stress.”

GTG: How do work out?

LM: “My favourite way to workout is Pilates and then I also do a couple of HIIT, weights or spin sessions a week. I like to do low impact body weight exercises at the gym too and always use the foam roller. I could do Pilates every day; it makes my body and mind feel great.”

GTG: How do you naturally power your workout?

LM: “If I’m doing a cardio or weights session, I do love a cheeky coffee beforehand or a bowl of porridge or homemade muesli about an hour before if it’s in the morning. I also find breathing really helps me get in the right frame of mind to work out. It’s nice to get to a class or session early to get focused and breathe the stress of the day away.”

GTG: Best exercise tip?

LM: “Make exercise part of your lifestyle rather than a chore you have to fit in. I’ve recently been going to the gym on a Sunday morning with my dad and it actually makes me look forward to a Sunday morning workout when usually I’d be hitting snooze. So getting together with friends and family is great. As a Pilates instructor, I am so passionate about correct form and technique. If you’re not sure you’re doing moves correctly then invest in a one-to-one.”

GTG: Why do you recommend the Neom x Sweaty Betty Scent to Power Your Personal Best Kit?

LM: “This kit has really motivated me to work out and switch off at the weekend, but the great thing about the minis is that you can pack them so easily. I work out at lots of different places in London and also stay at friends a couple of times a week so knowing I have my minis helps me banish stress and feel fabulous anytime anywhere. I think it makes the cutest Christmas gift for a health conscious bestie too!”

GTG: Post workout refuel?

LM: “A banana and nut butter smoothie is always so refreshing and energizing. I seriously think about it during a workout. I wouldn’t encourage getting into the habit of “treating” yourself after every workout, just eat nourishing real food and listen to your body. You might not actually fancy a ’treat’. Having a relaxing bath using my favourite scrubs and oils is the perfect post workout activity.”

GTG: Favourite treat?

LM: “Sharing a bottle of red with good friends and lots of laughter. The way to my heart is Ombar raw chocolate with vanilla and coconut centre.”

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Chiara Pelligrino, 28

Personal trainer, fitness instructor, lifestyle blogger at

“My blog gives the readers a well-rounded insight about wellness and lifestyle, delivering information in an easy and honest way.”

GTG: How do you like to work out and how often?

CP: “I try to work out five or six times a week. I love mixing up my training and trying different concepts. When I am training on my own, functional body weight training, plyometrics and callisthenics are my go-to.”

GTG: How do you naturally power your workout?

CP: “I drink a cold press energy shot made of ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper, downing it as quickly as possible.”

GTG: Your top tip for exercising?

CP: “Remember to breathe and to listen to your body. Exercise should be stress relief, not a stress inducer.”

GTG: Why do you recommend the Neom x Sweaty Betty Scent to Power Your Personal Best Kit?

CP: “It really helps to connect with your breathing and to wind down post session, allowing a few minutes to indulge in beautiful scents.”

GTG: Post workout refuel?

CP: “A Nutter Butter smoothie from Natural Fitness Food”

GTG: Favourite treat?

CP: “If I could I would swim in a giant jar of Pip & Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter.”

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Hannah Tyldesley, 23 and Emily Kier, 24

Fitness bloggers at

“We've got the partner workout practice down to a tee. There's no better motivation than a workout buddy right beside you, so grab yours and head to our Instagram for a whole host of 'Twice the Workouts'.”

GTG: How do work out?

HT and EK: “Running is the winner as activity of choice, but we love to support this with strength training, cycling and a class or two, be it spinning at Boom Cycle or network

training at F45 gym.”

GTG: How do you naturally power your workout?

HT and EK: “We're firm believers in food as fuel. Our favourite pre-workout snack has got to be a rice cake, topped with plenty of peanut butter.”

GTG: Top tip for exercising?

HT and EK: “Enjoy it! There's far too much variety out there not to. Be it barre, or barbells find a form of fitness you love. We promise you'll get far more out of it.”

GTG: Why do you recommend the Neom x Sweaty Betty Scent to Power Your Personal Best Kit?

HT and EK: “It's the boost you need to ensure the best possible workout and recovery. Our personal favourite from the collection is the Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist, helping us wind down after the busy days.”

GTG: Post workout refuel?

HT and EK: A big bowl of oats with all the toppings.”

GTG: Favourite treat?

HT and EK: “For Emily it's fruit of every kind. Not the worst thing we know, but a punnet of grapes isn't the best snack. Hannah is all about granola, especially the buckwheat kind from”

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