TV host, fitness vlogger and DJ AJ Odudu gives us a sneak peak into the fit and healthy habits she likes to live by

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Dividing her time up between being a TV host, fitness vlogger and DJ, AJ Odudu knows all too well the challenges of trying to keeping fit and healthy while managing a busy work schedule. Indeed, when she’s not interviewing celebrities such as Kelis or attending high profile events, she’s out and about with adidas promoting their #workit Summer Series .

This week GTG caught up with AJ to see what tips and tricks she lives by to keep her on the happy, healthy straight and narrow.

What's your overall approach to health, fitness and nutrition?

“Everything in moderation. I eat healthy and nutritional food but I also indulge. I exercise but I don't live in the gym.  Sustainability is key.”

How much is fitness a priority in your life?

“Exercise for me is now habitual. It's not always been the case but I need to look after myself to maintain my energy levels and focus and fitness is the way to do it. It's not just about keeping in shape physically but keeping happy mentally. For that reason my fitness and health is a huge priority, with it being the key to my happiness, enabling me to stay alert and forcing me to learn more about my body and the way it works best.”

How do you squeeze fitness in around a busy schedule?

“I make a plan on a Sunday evening in my diary, jotting down how many times I want to exercise and when exactly I can squeeze in those workouts and I tick them off as I go. Making exercise part of my daily routine is really helpful when managing limited time and naturally, plans change so I never feel too guilty if I can't cram it all in. I just give myself a pat on the back for the routines that I have managed to do.

“If I'm really pushed for time I exercise at home and do a quick 10 minute bodyweight circuit. If I'm ill I make sure I get out of bed and do 20 star jumps, which makes me feel less sluggish. When I do go to the gym or a gym class, I invite a friend and turn it into a social event that I can look forward to. Then I can have a catch up at the end. “

In a typical week what is your workout schedule and why?

“In a typical week I aim to do one 45 minute spin class (great for cardio strength), one hour of weight training (to strengthen my bones and create more toned, sculpted and agile physic), a 10K run (for stamina and endurance training) and 20 burpees for a quick burst of toning and cardio training. If I do any more I try and go to a yoga class to build my core strength and balance.”

What’s your personal motivational mantra?

“Rid your mind of can't."

What tips would you give to anyone looking to run a marathon/10K?

“I've never ran a marathon but I regularly run 10K and have done one half marathon. When you do get running, use an app on your phone to monitor the specific distance and time for you. I love these apps. Some even speak to you every 1K to keep you on track and congratulate you at the end of each completed run. It's a clear way to see your improvements and many of them even create a plan for you.

“Make a great playlist to keep you motivated throughout your workouts and I would also say, keep your body guessing! Just because you're running a long distance doesn't mean that all you have to do is run. Too much of the same thing is repetitive and dull and if you stick with the same regime, your body will soon adapt to the exercise stimuli, and you will start to see little or no progress. Avoid this by continually alternating your workout with a mixture of cardio, weight and endurance training workouts to accomplish a strong and agile physique and great stamina. This will ensure you don't get bored of the same old routine!”

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