This week the food and fitness fanatics behind Food & Lycra give us their top tips for getting active and what a typical workout week looks like for them

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With a motivational mantra that’s all about enjoying exercise with friends (and not having to skip out on dessert), healthy blog Food & Lycra  is right up the Glossy Posse’s street.

Founded two years ago by friends Kim Ngo, Rachel Tran and Laura Lakam, Food and Lycra was set up to help inspire women and girls everywhere to get up and get moving - no matter what their ability and to have fun while doing it. With a distaste for diets, these girls are passionate about food, fitness and fun and approach life with a fast, furious and fabulous style.

This week we caught up with Kim, Laura and Rachel to see what words of workout wisdom they had to share.

What’s your overall approach to health, fitness and nutrition?

“Our motto is "We Run To Eat" and that's literally what we do. We love running and working out, it makes us feel good - we just love sweating hard!

“We also love food - food without chemicals and additives, well made food and home cooked is our favourite. We also love dessert and don't believe in diets - life is way too short to miss out on the taste of cakes. Balance is key and our no diet zone is levelled out with regular pavement pounding. We're never going to be bikini models and have never wanted to be - but we're cool with that.”

How much is fitness a priority in your life?

“Fitness has become something we simply can’t function without. A week would be way too long to go without some kind of fitness activity. We all have busy, full-time jobs and would probably lose our sanity if we couldn't work out!”

How do you squeeze fitness in around your busy schedule?

“We always get asked this question! All of us work jobs where we're not strangers to 12 hour + days - we just have to work it into our routine, whether that means we replace our bus/train journey to and from work with a run, do a class/workout on our lunch break or go to an evening class and work from home in the night - we will always find a way to get it done.”

In a typical week what is your workout schedule and why?

“Our schedule is forever changing. We're very lucky that we get invited  to check out lots of different workout classes. Here's what we got up to over the past seven days:”

Thurs: NTC paddleboard in the London Aquatic Centre

Fri: NTC yoga and skate boarding in Bay Sixty6 Skate Park

Sat: 1Rebel  spin class and NTC yoga at One Mayfair

Mon: 1Rebel reshape full body class

Tues: 8km run with Run Dem Crew

Weds: Barry's Bootcamp class

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What’s your personal motivational mantra?

“Our favourite motivational mantra is "your legs will take you far but your mind will take you further". This has seriously helped us get through some of our toughest 10km, half marathon and full marathon races!”

What tips would you give anyone looking to train for a 10k or a half marathon?

“To tackle any race we would suggest focusing on half the distance first - our thinking is if you can run half the distance then you will be able to run the full distance with some training. Get some friends who are at the same level of fitness and persuade them to sign up for a race with you. Train together, that way you have extra pressure from your friends to keep up with your training routine. And lastly - don't worry about times and personal bests, the fact you are doing your first 10km/half marathon is already a personal best in itself!”

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