This week GTG sat down with PR / BOOM Cycle instructor Naomi White to see what a week in fitness and nutrition looked like for her

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Working full-time in London as a health and fitness PR as well as a BOOM Cycle instructor, Naomi White knows a thing or two about fitting health and fitness into a busy schedule. Keen to make every second count and live an active life to the fullest, Naomi can either usually be found teaching multiple (yes multiple) spin classes in a day or testing and pushing out the latest and greatest in stylish sportswear.

This week GTG sat down with Naomi to find out exactly how she juggles her uber healthy, active lifestyle (or decide if she is in fact just superwoman in disguise), and to see what words of workout wisdom she had to share.

What's your overall approach to health, fitness and nutrition?

“I have to say in general I am an all or nothing kind of girl, but when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition I try to do everything in moderation - life in balance is an important thing to me. Teaching spinning at  BOOM Cycle  six times a week means that I have to be on top of my game when it comes to looking after my body. I also enjoy working out for my own personal goals, so you’ll either find me running an 8k on the days I’m not on the bike or working on my core strength at  bePilates . I find that switching up my workouts keeps my body guessing and also I never get bored!

“I take nutrition quite seriously as I have Crohns disease, so to a certain degree I have to be mindful of what I eat. I had my intolerance tests done at Viavi on Harley Street not long ago and found out that I can’t eat quite a few things that were in my staple diet, such as eggs, cows milk, yeast, beef, turkey, coffee and chilli - so I am investigating alternatives at the moment!

“I like to start the day with a green matcha tea - my current favourite is by  Neat nutrition , £16, and the majority of the week I try to be as healthy as possible food wise. I don’t believe in cheat days - if I feel like having something naughty I will generally have it.”

How much is fitness a priority in your life?

“Fitness is a huge part of my life, not just because I instruct at BOOM Cycle but also because I personally love it - it’s the best feeling getting up in the morning and owning the day before 9am! I am also a health & fitness PR so I am always surrounded by fitness. From taking journalists to Pilates to trying out new workout gear from Every Second Counts, I am immersed in fitness all day long.”

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How do you squeeze fitness in around a busy schedule?

“Early bird catches the worm! I wake up an hour earlier than I need to, or I book into a class before I need to be at my desk. I am quite lucky in that part of my job is working out so that helps, but I also like to try out new things, so I try to get down to a new class every now and again with friends and then we go for dinner afterwards. Self-motivation is also key - if you want something you have to make time and train hard for it. When you achieve that goal it’s the best feeling, so I always make time to pencil in a workout into my daily schedule.”

In a typical week what is your workout schedule and why?

“Here goes (don’t think I am mad!):

Monday: HIIT workout in the morning and then I teach a BOOM Cycle class in the evening.

Tuesday: Pilates in the morning and a run in the evening.

Wednesday: Teach three BOOM Cycle classes

Thursday: Pilates in the morning and a walk in the evening

Friday: Teach two BOOM Cycle classes and sometimes a HIIT workout with the girls in the office at lunchtime.

Saturday: A long run usually around 8-10k in Regents/Hyde Park

Sunday: Rest day”

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What’s your personal motivational mantra?

“Don’t count the seconds, make every second count.”

What tips would you give to anyone looking to run a marathon/10K?

“Remember everyone has to start somewhere. Know what you’re working towards and try to make realistic goals until the big day. To some people a 10k might be easy, but to others it will seem like a marathon. Goals are personal so never compare yourself to what you see on instagram or read online.

“Take advice - don’t be afraid to ask for help. People in fitness especially love sharing their experiences! Another great source of info are instructors - I am always being asked for tips at BOOM Cycle on training and am always happy to help, whether it’s spinning related or fitness in general. Most instructors will have either specialised in it or have a personal experience and tips to share.

“Buy the right kit - make sure you invest in a good pair of trainers. My favourite are Nike Flyknits, which are basically running slippers! Also never underestimate the power of the right gym gear to put a spring in your step. It’s amazing what a neon sports bra can do to get you leaping out of bed and working out.  ManUp Gym Wear  is a great brand for neon pieces. However, my go-to sportswear brand is  Every Second Counts  as they also have cute motivational mantras printed on the inside seam of their pieces, which gives me an extra boost!

“I nvest in some good music  - this is a big part of my life. I spend a lot of time compiling playlists for BOOM Cycle, so my running playlist is packed full of motivational tracks - Jay Z Public Service Announcement always gets me going and can make the difference between running that last extra mile and walking home!

“Last but not least, know that you’ve tried your hardest to get there. There is no such thing as failure if you put your all into something. Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction!”

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