In this weeks feature we caught up with hip and healthy guru Pandora Symes to hear about how she keeps herself trim, toned and delightfully happy

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Having always been a fan of the hip and healthy lifestyle, Pandora Symes is no stranger to living, breathing and eating well while juggling a busy city lifestyle. She not only works as a PR representative for O’Connor Publicity but is also training as a nutritionist as well as recently founding her own fresh and sustainable food business, Rooted London .

Curious as to how she manages to cram it all into a working week we caught up with Pandora to hear about her life balancing skills and what hip and healthy tips she has to share.

What's your overall approach to health, fitness and nutrition?

I’m a firm believer in listening to your body and feeding your soul. ‘ Wellness’  is a mind, body and soul connection - you can feed your body the right things but if you’re training too hard or allowing stress or anxiety to take control, you’ll never actually feel ‘well'.

It's great that people are now tapping into what makes them feel good and exercise and health is definitely becoming more popular - but many of us are jumping on the latest trend which is often costly and unnecessary.  For me it’s about finding the right balance of work and play, living mindfully one day at a time and eating good quality food in it’s basic form, never packaged and never on the go.  Most importantly, loving - whether it’s doing, seeing, or feeling everyday.  Would you rather eat mung beans on your own or pizza with friends?  I know where I’d rather be (granted chomping on a gluten free variety!)

How much is fitness a priority in your life?

Daily. I’m an avid yogi and practise most days at my local studio  Stretch , which is just off Broadway market in east London - it’s my saviour! If I can’t make a class I practise at home, even if it’s just a round of sun salutations.

I couldn’t not exercise - I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to not get some good breathing or fresh air everyday. That said, I do tune in to what my body is telling me and when I’m tired, I listen to it and ease off for a day opting for a bath and an early night instead.

How do you squeeze fitness in around a busy schedule?

If I’m really short on time, I try and fit in at least 10 minutes of breathing work to keep me calm and focused. The Nike training app is great for those who like to work out alone, need guidance or like me, prefer working out outside but can’t afford a PT - it’s my own personal PT session but is even more flexible around my schedule.  Yoga Glo  is great for yoga classes online or when travelling.

Do you have any tips to offer that help you juggle your hectic lifestyle?

Find somewhere that’s local to you. With life becoming so busy, I think it’s important to find a sense of local community with people who are familiar and who will become your friends - this way it never feels like a tough slog to get the exercise in! Plus, the teachers at Stretch are consistently great, so no matter what time in the day I go, I know I’ll get a great session.

In a typical week what is your workout schedule and why?

I’m an early bird that ceases the day so I use my mornings for yoga and generally make the 7am class. I’ll cycle there or run twice a week depending on how my body feels. I always get a good 7k run in each week and I cycle as much as possible. If I’m heading into town I’ll take a class around meetings. On the weekend I always try and head to the gym or do some rounds of HIIT training in Victoria Park - my other exercise saviour.  I also do yoga a little later on the weekends when my body is a little more flexible after a good breakfast and a morning stroll.

What’s your personal motivational mantra?

What’s stopping you? Whatever it is it can be overcome and always remember, everything happens for a reason.

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