We caught up with PR manager Priya Kapoor to discover how she squeezes a healthy lifestyle around her crazy, hectic schedule

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As a high flying PR manager for premium skin brand Kiehl’s , Priya Kapoor makes juggling work, fun and a healthy lifestyle part of her everyday routine.

In awe of how she manages to succeed in all three areas (without tearing her hair out), we sat down with Priya to discover a little more about why fitness and wellbeing is important to her and what tips and tricks she has for anybody looking to join the hectic working workout world.

What's your overall approach to health, fitness and nutrition?

I believe in wellness and health - you have to be happy and healthy from the inside out. It’s no surprise that we all want to look good, but firstly it’s important that we feel good first. I very much view health, fitness and nutrition as a lifestyle and part of my daily life, not a passing fad.

Generally I eat well and train hard and I don’t believe in dieting or skipping meals - you need the fuel to give you energy and nutrients!

How much is fitness a priority in your life?

It’s very important to me - I train approximately five times a week and I always make time for it. However, I still live my life. I work, party, drink and always incorporate a cheat meal once a week! I’m also lucky to have some amazing friends that support my healthy lifestyle which always makes things easier.

How do you squeeze your healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule?

Being prepared is essential and this applies to nutrition too. I always prepare my meals and snacks in advance so I’m never caught short. I also wake up early most days and usually train in the mornings before work as I find I tend to have more energy first thing, rather than at the end of the day.

I also travel quite a lot but won’t let this stop me and always make sure to research whether my hotel has a gym so that I can wake up early before my meetings or when I’m with friends to train.

What tips would you have for anyone struggling to juggle it all?

The best tip I can give would be to set up a regular routine and stick to it as much as possible. For example, the one day I train in the evening is a Tuesday and at work my whole team know that this is my evening of exercise - so I’m always able to leave work on time with no exceptions!

I also recommend your workout time doubles up as your ‘me’ time. I often have headphones in, let my mind wonder and don’t talk to anyone – I definitely prefer training alone, it helps clear my head before a busy day and works to totally de-stress me.

In a typical week what is your workout schedule?

I like to mix it up so my body is constantly experiencing new exercises. I combine, cardio, weights and resistance training to burn fat and increase muscle tone. Having a toned, fit body is the most important thing to me - I don’t want to be just ‘thin’.

My workout week is normally like this: Monday – 7am  SBC  class with  Russell Bateman , Tuesday – 7pm  Personal Training Session , Wednesday – 7am at my gym, Thursday – Rest Day, Friday –  Barry’s Bootcamp , Saturday –  Personal Training Session , Sunday – Rest Day. I generally try to stick to that pattern, however some weeks I do more in my gym rather than classes. Although I never change my PT dates!

When I’m in the gym I try and stick to the following routine: I run for 20 mins, varying the speeds to include a sprint, jog, walk, uphill section and downhill section. I then lift weights, do squats, Russian twists, sit ups, arm work and work on my core strength including planks and leg raises for 25 mins. Finally, I focus on resistance training for roughly 15mins and do standing lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep pulls and donkey kicks.

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