The Director of Bodyism: Clean and Lean shares how she juggles work and life, what motivates her and her secrets to success

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Fuelled by a love for fitness, her family and feeling her best from the inside out, Christiane Duigan, aka ‘Mrs Clean & Lean’ has become one of the wellness industry's most well-known leading ladies.

Counting full time mum, Director of BodyismClean & Lean  and cover girl among her roles, we caught up with the first lady of fitness to ask how she balances work and life, her climb up the career ladder and for her top career advice should you be looking to follow in her footsteps.

GTG: Could you tell us about what your role entails? What does a typical day look like for you?

CD: The morning is my favourite part of the day. There is no need for an alarm clock these days as my children wake me up and we all climb into my bed - these are my best moments. After everyone is ready and going to their various activities, I do my exercise; this could be anything from walking through the park to the office, yoga, dance or the gym - I like to vary my exercise and move my body in different ways.

At the office we are working on many exciting projects - it’s probably the biggest year in Bodyism’s life so you can find me working on any of our new launches – the cookbook, the website or the new flagship.

In the afternoons I hurry back to see the children, give them dinner, bathe them and put them to bed - it’s all about routine for me. After they have slept, I jump back on the computer to catch up on anything I missed and then enjoy time with my husband, James - at the moment we are watching Game of Thrones!

GTG: Could you tell us about your background?

CD: I’ve had a really varied career - which I am very grateful for now - which gave me the experience and skills I needed to grow a small business to a large one and being able to know about every aspect from invoicing to marketing and relationship building. These skills and a passion for this industry is what I think has made my work life so enjoyable. James and I work together so it is hard to separate work from personal life, but it also all feels the same because we love it all.

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GTG: What motivates you and what would you say is the most exciting aspect of your job?

CD: My motivation is my family. I want all children to grow up feeling empowered and good about themselves - to know their worth and that happiness isn’t a fat percentage. So it excites me to try and change this mindset in people, to encourage others to believe in themselves and believe that you can do anything if you persist, have integrity, kindness and courage.

GTG: How do you organise yourself?

CD: Lists! I couldn’t do anything without a list - but you must remember to put things on the list! The Reminders app on my phone is perfect as I separate everything into categories or people and tick things off from the highest to lowest priority.

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GTG: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to do what you do?

CD: Do it! It’s so rewarding. There are so many mixed messages you can get now in health and wellness so make sure you put out a healthy message that isn’t going to make anyone sick or injure themselves! And as I mentioned before - have integrity, courage and kindness and you will succeed.

GTG: How do you achieve a work-life balance?

CD: I’m very grateful that I can keep a balanced life. I work most of the day, but make sure that I spend late afternoons with my children before they go to bed. To be able to do this, I continue doing some work once they are asleep but then always make sure that James and I spend most of the evening together. Luckily being on my phone has never been an issue for me. I like to practice being present in each moment of my day.

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GTG: What 3 things do you do to maintain energy, focus and motivation throughout the day?

CD: I start the day with one of our shakes, Body Brilliance , £49.95, and I Am Recharged wellness tea , £21, which give me long-lasting energy and focus throughout the day.

Practicing being present is a brilliant meditation for me to keep me focused and we are also lucky enough to travel a lot with the business, so this keeps me inspired and motivated in every aspect of my job.

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