Nathalie Schyllert, Trainer and Operations Director at Bodyism shares the ins and outs of her job, her fitness routine and her working day with us

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As Trainer and Operations Director at  Bodyism , a day in the life of  Nathalie Schyllert  always requires her to keep on her toes.

From early morning starts to time spent both in and out of the gym, we asked the former classically trained ballerina and part-time model for a glimpse into what motivates her, how she stays organised and her advice for job success. One of the continent’s most highly sought after weight loss and Clean and Lean specialists with a reputation for achieving lasting results, here’s how the fitness expert got through her greatest career challenges and how she manages to balance work with life and family.

GTG: Describe what you do. What does a typical day look like?

NS: I’m the Director of Operations at Bodyism which means that I oversee many different sides of the business. The gym, website, supplements etc.

I’m also in charge of Bodyism’s clothing range together with Christiane Duigan. For example, I’m involved in designing the new collection, sales appointments, planning and photo shoots.

I wake up at 6am and Skype with  James Duigan , my boss, who lives in Australia.

My son Oliver wakes up at 7am and I feed and dress him while I get ready for work. I walk to work at 8.30am and I usually go to our gym first to make sure all is under control there.

I try to fit in a yoga session for 30 minutes and at around 11am I head to the office and catch up with our General Manager.

I grab a quick lunch at The Detox Kitchen and after that I might have a couple of meetings, perhaps with NET-A-PORTER, The Detox Kitchen, our PR agency The Communications Store or our web designer.

I try to be home for 4.30 to see Oliver and bathe him. I cook dinner for the family and by 7pm when Oliver is asleep, I work for another couple of hours to catch up. I’m usually in bed by 10pm and I have  Bodyism’s Serenity , £49.95 just before bed.

GTG: What’s the most challenging project you have worked on?

NS: When we launched our clothing range on  NET-A-PORTER  we recorded some exercise videos for them. I helped to organise it and it was a huge challenge to get everyone available to shoot on the same date. James is always travelling and Lara Stone, who was also in the videos, is even busier. I was very happy and proud when we finally recorded all of the videos and to see the results was an even better feeling.

GTG: What motivates you?

NS: What motivates me is that I want to help people to get healthy and happy. I also want to try to create the best possible future for Oliver.

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GTG: How do you organise yourself?

NS: I have to put in reminders in my iPhone for everything! Without it I would not know what to do next.

GTG: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to do what you do?

NS: Work for a company that you are proud of representing. Work hard but always try to make time during the day for yourself (a walk, yoga or a massage are my favourites).

Travel loads when you are young. This will make you understand different people easier and you will gain heaps of experience.