Meet the moisture-wicking range with botanically sourced fabric and ‘blacker than black’ leggings (no see through crotch here)

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Seeing as so many of us are romping around in fitness wear these days (or ‘athleisure’ *shudders*), and given growing environmental concern regarding global water use and air and sea pollution ( the plastic microbead ban in the UK entered into force yesterday ), making sustainable gym kit choices is coming to the fore in a similar manner to the surge in popularity for green beauty  and natural and organic personal care products . Mintel predicts that beauty and skincare brands “will give mother nature a helping hand by encompassing local approaches and developments in biotechnology in 2018”, and the same ethical approach is blossoming in the active wear area, with brands such as the New York founded, Portugal made Vyayama  leading the pack. Here’s what you’re getting if you invest in its eco yoga wear…

Tees made from trees

Or more specifically, the brand’s biodegradable and sustainable Tencel® fabric, made from the cellulose of European eucalyptus trees. It’s the jewel in Vyayama’s crown, although the company also uses environmentally friendly fibres that are byproducts of the cotton industry (Cupro), cellulose derived from sustainably grown beechwood trees (Micromodal®), as well as high welfare hand spun Nepalese cashmere and wool. Tencel® in particular has been rarely used in technical and sportswear up until now, but the renewable fibre, and energy efficient, environmentally responsible means of its production, provides a green alternative to widely used synthetic fabrics such as rayon. It doesn’t just boast tree-hugging kudos either…

You’ll never see your pants again

At least, not shining through your leggings you won’t. Tencel® has a very high fibre absorbency, so can be dyed a deep, blacker than night black and retain said jet blackness for washes to come. Speaking of which its machine washable, shrink and wrinkle resistant and fast drying. Perfect for #yogaeverydamnday.

It’s soft on sensitive skin

All of Vyamama’s fabrics are just that literally, as well as being breathable, naturally moisture wicking and certified non-toxic for both skin and environment by the European Oeko-tex Standard 100. Tencel® in particular is said to be more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler to wear than linen, as well as being antibacterial. If you’ve ever experienced legging rash in a tight pair of nylons, this news will come as quite the relief.

It’s functional

For all of its virtuous credentials, it also equips you seamlessly for vinyasa flow sessions- think high waistbands for support and to avoid overexposure during downward dog, streamlined yet warm layers to keep you cosy for savasana and a sculpting compression fit that’s comfy and won’t turn legs to sausages (I can verify this- I barre and yoga in the Glacier Print Legging with no sausage side-effects). Vyayama means ‘to move’ and ‘to tame the inner breath’ in Sanskrit. Not sure about that last one but you’ll move free in this stuff.

It’s local

In line with the aforementioned Mintel trend predictions, Vyayama manufacture, knit, design and dye fabrics all within the same area in Portugal to minimise transportation, using clean internal water systems to eliminate water wastage and contamination too.

It’s spendy

Can't beat around the bush with this one. Still, it's not excruciatingly expensive when you consider that some synthetic yoga wear tots up to a similar price point, without the eco or skin-kind esteem. Prices range from £63-£125. Firmly in the treat/ payday bracket, but durable and responsible rather than a throwaway budget buy. The world doesn’t need anymore leggings in landfill. Plus you’re buying into a piece of chic- patterns and prints are geographically influenced and created by the head designer at a very famous fashion label that can't be named, but excels in cool and streamlined minimalist pieces.

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