Lean in 15 is about to become Lean in 30 - but the extra quarter of an hour cooking time is worth it. Here are the key takeaways from the fitness phenomenon's 6th book

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When it comes to cookbooks, ‘prepping like a boss’  appears to be a mantra that Joe Wicks  applies as much to his writing as his weight loss plan. The bestselling author has penned an impressive five smash hits over the last three years and has a new Veggie Lean in 15  in the works too.

Before his meat-free guide hits shelves this winter though, The Body Coach has given us another tummy-whittling tome to salivate over - Joe’s 30-Minute Meals, 100 Quick and Healthy Recipes, £20, out today.

Much like his previous books, its inspiration stems from wanting to encourage readers to cook simple, quick and healthy recipes that help them feel great. But why deviate from the Lean in 15  ethos that has become his recipe for success? Well, as Joe explains in the introduction, a quarter of an hour can be quite limiting when it comes to the number of cooking techniques you can implement. While speed and minimal prep time are still core to his meal ideas, the recipes incorporate a wider range of ingredients and flavours this time around for a more varied culinary experience (take his Dukkah-Spiced Chicken for example).

Chapters are also organised simply by main ingredient, to make finding a dish that fits in with whatever you have in the fridge simpler than ever. The book’s broken down into the following:

  • Stocking up
  • All-day breakfast
  • Chicken
  • Fish and seafood
  • Pork
  • Beef and lamb
  • Sweet treats

It’s also interesting to note that the book doesn’t contain any workouts, unlike his series of Lean in 15 books and Fat-Loss Plan  book. However, it still features meals that centre around his ethos of eating reduced-carb meals on non-workout days (such as Paprika & Lentil Stew with Honey-Glazed Chicken) and carbier ones (like Chicken Fried Rice and Tandoori Cod Burgers) to replenish energy levels when you’ve done a HIIT workout.

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‘Prepping like a boss’ is again, key, as seen by the Stocking Up chapter. Separated into ‘Fresh & Frozen’ as well as ‘Store-Cupboard,’ the thinking behind it is that with these staples stored away, you need only pick up some chicken or fish on your way back from home. Not all of them are mandatory though. As Joe explains: “A few are a bit more like treats, and they can seem pricey, but when you add up what you’re likely to save on takeaways, ready meals and frozen pizza, you’ll see that you’re winning on cost as well as creating much healthier, better-tasting grub.” The list isn’t actually that bad in comparison to some ‘To buy’ sections in other cookbooks we’ve read. Basics include olive oil, porridge oats, tortilla wraps, coconut oil and avocado for example and extras such as lemongrass stalks, tahini and pomegranate seeds.

With 100 easy tasty recipes to choose from, The Body Coach’s latest book is certain to appeal to those who see cooking as more of a chore than a joy, those looking for ways to refuel after a heavy workout and especially, those lacking in kitchen confidence (*raises hand*). It’s all about feel-good food that fuels both body and mind and is fun to make - we reckon his bestseller streak is only going to continue.

Joe’s 30-Minute Meals, £20, is available now .

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