Fallen in love with Joe Wicks' P.E. sessions each morning? He also has a bevvy of ab blasting workouts to try

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We can hardly remeber a time when we didn't kick off our weekday mornings with Joe Wicks' P.E.  on YouTube - and we know we're not the only ones who can't get enough of Joe's peppy training style.

For a more targeted workout, we turned to the older videos on his YouTube channel to find his best ab workouts for toned tums and we're pleased to report that he has a whole host of ab exercise videos.

There’s something to fit a variety of different fitness levels and time restraints. The vast majority are equipment-free and with a programme of workouts to suit fat-burning, toning and stress management, it helps tackle a wide array of factors that can all contribute to a wider waistline. Which ones do we click ‘play’ on? Here are six of our go-tos.

If you're new to exercise: 5 minute abs

Perfect for the time-short or if you're coming back from a fitness break, this speedy core-strengthening workout acts as a useful way to master technique and breathing before moving onto the more complicated uploads later on. Comprising of two rounds of five exercises (20 seconds long with 10 second rests in between), moves include reverse crunches, planks and bicycle crunches to touch on upper and lower abs as well as obliques too. The ideal addition to one of his HIIT sessions.

Intermediate: 12 minute intense cardio, abs and core workout

Sit-ups alone won’t get rid of belly fat - a more effective strategy involves combining blasts of cardio with core toning exercises. This workout fits the bill perfectly. Mixing 30 seconds of running on the spot with 30 seconds of ab exercises straight after (10 in total) with 20 seconds rest in between, it’s intense but extremely effective.

Advanced: 20 minute advanced home workout full body fat burner

This muscle-burning workout isn’t for the fainthearted thanks to its line-up of more complicated moves (squat jumps into burpees for example) designed to get your heart pumping. You’ll definitely be a little jelly-legged afterwards, but that’s to be expected after four rounds of 40 second exercises with 20 seconds rest in between. Make sure you’re well warmed up beforehand.  Save

If 20 minutes still doesn't satisfy your Joe Wicks cravings, give his cardio and abs work out a go, as it's 30 minutes long. We can't lie, it's tricky with mountain climbers, burpees and bicycle crunches thrown into the mix.

To stretch: 12 minute energizing yoga session with Shona Vertue

Joe has joined forces with yoga expert Shona Vertue  to create this 12-minute energizing workout ideal for first thing in the morning. Not only will it help strengthen your core, but also improve posture and balance and open up hips too.

To de-stress: 5 minute guided meditation

Too much stress and too little sleep can lead to visceral fat developing around organs such as the liver and heart and increase cravings for sugary or salty foods. A daily meditation practice can help, and this 5-minute guide created with Body Coach HQ support coach and meditation teacher Natalie, is a great way to start cultivating the habit.

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