No time for exercise? No worries - get fit using The Body Coach’s ultimate HIIT list…

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Has Joe Wicks  given you a taste for high intensity exercise? His energy is enough to turn any couch potato into a fitness freak, but when time is short we know it's not always easy to fit fitness in. Work, life, family, finances – exercise can easily slip down the to-do list. However, as the latest research shows, when it comes to fitness quality over quantity always wins out thanks to the concept of HIIT (i.e. high intensity interval training ).

Sound intriguing? Here, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach, explains the ins and outs of HIIT, to help you fit fitness into even the busiest of schedules.

What are the benefits of HIIT workouts?

“It’s over fast! You get up, do twenty minutes of HIIT and BOSH – you’re done for the day! Who has the time to spend hours in the gym? No one. Do a HIIT and get on with your day.”

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How can it possibly be more beneficial than an hour’s run or workout?

“It’s simple: it’s over quickly and it makes you more lean! HIIT workouts burn calories for up to 18 hours after you’ve finished, but low intensity workouts just burn calories when you’re working out. This way, you get to exercise less, get more lean, and get on with doing other stuff in your day.”

How many times per week do you need to do it to feel benefits?

“Four to five times a week is what works best for me, but make sure you take your rest days seriously. Getting lean is a journey, it doesn’t just happen overnight, so make sure you challenge yourself by smashing out a mix of cardio and resistance over the week.”

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How would you structure a session if doing it at home? Any good moves to try?

“The best thing about HIIT is that you can do it anywhere! At home, in a hotel room if you’re travelling – you can even try it in the office. You can choose from a huge range of moves at home, depending on how much space you have. You could smash out mountain climbers, high knees, squat taps and even the dreaded burpees (sorry!) for a great HIIT workout. Make sure you warm up first and have a 1:2 ratio for work:rest in your HIIT – then go and cool down, make yourself a build up bagel and you’re all set for the day.”

What's the best way to recover from the session?

“Make sure you carb up after doing a HIIT workout to refuel your body. You might feel a bit sore, but just think of it as the first step on your journey to getting lean!”

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What keeps you motivated?

“I love helping people who hate exercise so I can help them and show them the benefits. I love working with people who have been struggling with diets as I can show them how to achieve their goals in a more realistic way and more achievable way. I am on a mission to get the world lean! I love reading the testimonials and seeing the transformations from people around the world who I have helped, it is an unbelievable feeling!

“When I started my social media accounts, I just loved it and I was having fun so I didn’t need any great motivation as it didn’t feel like work - I was just sharing content that I loved. Every time I made a meal it was a chance to share another recipe, I did not like missing any opportunity to post so I would literally record every meal I cooked.”

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