The fitness phenomenon's latest launch aims to make fitting exercise into your day easier than ever

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If your fitness motivation  levels are flagging, you’re certainly not alone. It’s cold, it’s dark and trying to squeeze in an exercise class into our pre-Christmas calendars is proving super tricky at the moment. Trust Lean in 15  phenomenon The Body Coach  though, to cook up a new speedy solution to get us moving again - a new collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa  that’ll make it feel like you’ve got Joe right there in your living room.

Simply say ‘Start The Body Coach’ to your virtual assistant to train with Joe in real time through seven new and exclusive 15-minute HIIT  sessions. Designed to help you get fit and burn fat fast, the guided workouts range between beginner to intermediate level and can all be completed at home. What’s more, they’re free too and video workouts are also available on the all-new Echo Show .

“One of the biggest excuses I hear from people, is that they don’t have time to exercise,” says Joe. “This new skill from Alexa will help people fit exercise into their day, as you really can do it anywhere with no equipment. Whether you’re in the kitchen, your bedroom or at work -  stick on some trainers, grab a bottle of water and work out with me and Alexa”.

New to HIIT? Start with workout one and if you want to return to a session that you particularly like, just say ‘Ask The Body Coach for workout three' (for example) to Alexa.

Joe Wicks and Alexa - sounds like a dream combination of training and tech to help you get over your winter workout hurdles.

The Body Coach skill on Alexa is available to install now .

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