If you've tried every diet going and failed, The Fat Loss Plan is different - it works, says its author, Body Coach Joe Wicks. We take a look

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Joe Wicks has often stated that he wants to be available on the NHS and with obesity rates showing no sign of slowing, the Body Coach  is pulling no punches as to what it takes to lose fat and keep it off.

“It’s going to take some commitment and effort on your part,” he cautions readers in his fifth book ' The Fat Loss Plan',  £16.99 out on 26 December..  “But if you do commit to this plan, you will see your fat melt away and you’ll be more motivated than ever to keep going,” he promises.

Joe addresses more directly than ever the barriers to getting fit and eating well. The plan itself is possibly his simplest yet – and there’s a gentle undercurrent of  ‘come on, no-excuses!’.

In particular he's talking to people, who think they've tried everything before but failed. "This is different. This will work," is his bold claim.

He begins with a ‘manifesto’ chapter ‘My 12 Steps To Success’, in which he spells out in no uncertain terms the behaviours and habits to adopt in order to achieve a healthy weight. This is a plan without an end date – it’s for life.

The similarity in name to AA’s 12 Step programme for recovering addicts may be coincidental - but what is obesity, if not one of the hardest First World habits to break?

Joe’s own 12 Steps feature familiar Wicksean mantras  such as ‘throw away the sad step’ (ie the scales) and stop counting calories, but he also lists getting a good night’s sleep and not going ‘hangry’ (ie emotional eating). There’s also a new focus on shedding self-limiting beliefs.

On the exercise front, he offers (optional) cardio machine workouts for those who have a rowing machine, exercise bike or set of battle ropes at home (as you do). There’s also a strong emphasis on weights; combining resistance and HIIT cardio is Joe’s ideal formula for a fit, strong, healthy body.

The Fat Loss Plan in a nutshell:

How to train

On the Fat Loss Plan you are encouraged to exercise five days a week and rest for two. “But even if you can only manage three workouts per week, you can still get your body burning fat,” says Joe. Did we mention no excuses?

You won’t be able to distract yourself choosing which workout to do as there aren’t that many - two weights workouts, two bodyweight HIIT sessions and one HIIT machine cardio. For your five days of fitness, you choose three HIIT sessions and two weights sessions in any order. Reps and rest periods are modulated according to whether you're a beginner or advanced. You're advised to cool down with five to ten minutes of stretching and foam rolling (although he doesn't show you how).

What to eat

You eat three reduced carb meals (higher in fat and protein) a day unless you’re refuelling after a workout, in which case you swap in a 'post-workout' meal, which is higher in protein and carbs but lower in fat. Joe gives his own training week food diary as an example, which has two snacks (e.g. an apple or a boiled egg) a day.

The 100 recipes are divided into three sections ‘reduced carb meals', ‘post workout meals’ and 'treats and snacks’ with clock symbols showing which meals are good to make ahead.

Joe told Business Insider earlier this year that "prepping like a boss" (see the video below) was his "top tip for fat loss'" and this features as one of the 12 Steps. What does that mean? "All that means is you're going to sit down, plan your meals for the week, go food shopping get all those ingredients, go home and start to prep your meals. If you are really busy that might mean doing it on a Sunday for three or four hours but you are going to set yourself up for the whole week. The busier you are, the more you are going to need to prep so if you do work silly hours the best thing you can do is prep as many meals in advance as you can."

It's a philosophy that chimes with Jamie Oliver , whose most recent book 5 Ingredients, Quick and Easy Food  makes it easy to cook from scratch, acknowledging that most of us have busy lives, often get home late and will only cook fresh food, if it's as simple as possible.

The Fat Loss Plan recipes are quick and easy for sharing with influences from around the world (pork bibimbap anyone?). The variety of flavours should help keep up motivation and allow you to show off a bit when you're bringing your pre-prepared Moroccan Salmon and Prawn Fish Cakes to work in your lunch box.

If you’ve never bought a Joe Wicks book, this may be the only one you need. Whether you’re new to his Lean in 15 method or a lifer, The Fat-Loss Plan is an invaluable easy-to-follow tool kit for healthy living.

Now when can we get it on prescription?

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The Fat Loss Plan, published by Bluebird, is out on December 26th 2017. Order your copy here.

If you can't wait, try these 5 Joe Wicks recipes to get you through the working week.

Joe Wicks talks 'prepping like a boss' in the video below.