Tupperwares at the ready: The Body Coach’s new book is coming in September. Here’s a tiny taste of what you’re in for…

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We’ve only just digested The Fat Loss Plan , and Joe Wicks reveals that he has more speedy and satisfying recipes up his sleeve. He gave us a snapshot of pages from the new book, coming early Autumn 2018, this week on Instagram Stories, and if you’re a lover of an all day breakfast, you’re in luck- it looks that Joe has devoted an entire chapter to brunching and the like. He’s pouring oats into a tupperware in the image pictured, so expect more meal prep and hearty carbs on the menu.

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Actual details are thin on the ground for now, but given his skill at giving  traditional comfort food a healthy twist , we’re betting that a Full English won’t be off the cards. He has previously split recipes into “reduced carb” and “post-workout”, to denote rough energy levels in each (Joe reckons that “counting calories is an added pressure, which is totally unnecessary”), so rest day vs sweat day meals seem likely, as do quick, healthy workday lunches  and more relaxed weekend dishes. Basically, if we could have more of the likes of Joe’s Lean in 15 protein pancakes , we’d be happy. Happiness is incidentally something that Joe aims for when devising recipes, as he explained in his fifth book, The Fat Loss Plan:

“The recipes in this book are designed to make you feel awesome and energised all day, every day. I’ll have you eating fats, protein and carbohydrates to ensure you fuel your body correctly. There’s nothing worse than a low-calorie, low-fat, zero-carb diet. That’s not fun and it simply doesn’t work. The body needs energy to burn fat and build lean muscle, so let’s learn how to fuel it properly.”

We’re game for even more fun fuelling for 2018, mainly because Joe has such a knack for making healthy eating sound like a really exciting prospect. He pretty much turns meal prep into a party and makes us actually look forward to HIIT , so it’s no wonder that the boy done good, although he himself admits that he occasionally falls off the wagon and loses his motivation , so he’s still human.

If waiting until September for a Body Coach all day breakfast seems like a bit of a drag, crack on with his brunch appropriate sweet potato shakshuka , whizz up his  big fat smoothie  and get some  Lean in 15 quinoa overnight oats  down you- we’ll report back on any new intel as we get it.

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