Want to know how to strengthen your immune system for good? Join this unmissable evening with a top immunologist and author Dr. Jenna Macciochi

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If you want to know how to stay resilient and strong in the midst of a global health crisis, ask an immunologist. And who better to answer your questions than Dr Jenna Macchiochi, who has spent 20 years researching the impact of lifestyle on the immune system from sleep to supplements, to stress, exercise and food. A mother of five-year-old twins and a healthy home cook, she really walks the walk.

Why do men and women have different immune systems (sorry, man flu is real)? Why do some people get sick and others don't? Which micronutrients and supplements really help? Find out why you shouldn't give up carbohydrates (your immune system needs six different types of carbs!) and what can you do to 'anti-age' your immune system.

Jenna will be in conversation with Get The Gloss Editorial Director Victoria Woodhall on Tuesday 23 February 6pm GMT, when she will be sharing the science-backed secrets that she lives by as well as answering your questions.

Jenna, who writes a monthly column for Get The Gloss,  is an ambassador for wellness brands Healthspan and as part of your £25 ticket, you'll receive a free Healthspan wellness kit worth £81 containing some top immune-supporting supplements. We’ll also share exclusive discounts from Healthspan after the class.

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When? Tuesday 23rd February @ 6-7pm GMT 
Where: join via Zoom 
Tickets: £25

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