Healthy brunches, lunches, supplements and spin classes are at the top of Lily Soutter's expenses. Here she reveals what her wellbeing budget goes on and why

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I'm a self-employed nutritionist, I'm 30 and I live on my own in Chelsea

As a self-employed nutritionist, I tend to work long hours and my day is relatively sedentary. While I am in the wellness industry, my job can be stressful at times. Following a diet and lifestyle that keeps me energised and at the top of my game is a must.

Just like most of the clients I see within my workplace wellness sessions, I am also time-poor and busy. That is why the advice I give to clients suits me to the tee. I believe that we can produce tasty and nourishing meals with just 5-6 ingredient meals. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and I buy most of my food from my local supermarket.

Gym membership, £89

I’m a member of Virgin Active.  While there are cheaper gyms that I could go to, they’re further away and knowing myself, I probably wouldn’t end up going as much. I’d rather invest more money in a gym closer by and use my membership to its fullest.

I love exercise as it energises, boosts my mood and relieves stress. As my job is relatively sedentary I really couldn’t live without it. I spend £89 on my monthly gym membership at Virgin Active and regularly attend their spinning and circuit training classes. I definitely get my money’s worth.

Spin classes, £20-40

I also book in for additional spin classes at Ride Republic  which I may go to with a friend. I love the Burn 45 Class as it’s the perfect length of time. You can see your burn score on a board and as I’m quite competitive it makes me work so much harder. Not only do I leave this class full of endorphins, I love how they bring a refreshing cold towel to my bike which is the perfect way to end the session.

Ride Republic  £20 for one class credit.

Healthy eating out, £100

As a nutritionist, I love good food. It may be a bit of a cliche that my top brunch/lunch choices are ‘health hot spots’. But for me, there is nothing better than catching up with friends over yummy and healthy food.

Not only does trying out new eateries give me recipe inspiration for my work, but I also feel that it’s important to take time out to see my friends. Being self-employed means it can be all too easy to work 24/7 which can also hinder work-life balance.

I don’t often eat out for dinner, or spend my money on alcohol or expensive holidays, which is why my money goes on good quality nutrient-dense food!

My favourite eatery is PRESS London . But I also love Juice Baby , Farm Girl , Squirrel , The Good Life Eatery , Daylesford  and  Chelsea Physic Garden Cafe.

Herbal tea, £0

I always have an array of herbal teas within my cupboard. Not only because they are a tasty way of staying hydrated, but they help to keep me away from too much caffeine!

I start my day with Heath and Heather’s Morning Time Tea , for a natural energy boost, and end my day with their Night Time Tea , for a more restful night’s sleep.

Heath and Heather is free for me as their ambassador, but they would typically be £2.99 per box for 20 teabags.

Supplements, £45

Hello Day Immunity Support , £24 for 30 capsules. The government guidelines are to consider taking 10mcg vitamin D between October to April. I take Hello Day’s vitamin D and probiotic complex, to keep my levels topped up.

Hello Day Sleep Rest , £21 for 30 capsules.  I struggle with sleep, and this supplement’s blend of lemon balm and valerian root acts as a great natural sleep aid.

Facemasks, £7

I don’t spend huge amounts of money on skincare or beauty products, however I do love Lush  Facemasks. As they are made out of fresh foods they have a relatively short shelf life so I usually indulge in one new pot a month.

Total monthly spend = £263

When I'm strapped for cash I...

If I’m short on funds, I tend to skip my extra spin classes and exercise outdoors. I love running so this is easy to do around Battersea Park or Brompton Cemetery. I also cut down on eating out and would cook at home with friends.

The bottom line...

I am currently in an extremely fortunate position, in that I have no partner or dependents, so I can spend my disposable income in whatever way makes me happy.

This means that the majority of my disposable income, around two thirds, goes on to fitness and food!

I sacrifice going out for dinner, buying expensive clothes and beauty products, and spending money on alcohol and costly holidays so that I can continue to enjoy brunches at health cafés and healthy food. While I could go without my gym membership and simply go for a run in the park, exercise classes make me feel happy and energised. They also provide me with some accountability.

For me, leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t about looking good, it’s about fuelling my body so I can perform and feel the best that I can.

Lily Soutter is a brand ambassador for  Heath and Heather Teas .

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