What are the secrets behind the star’s amazing body? She’s teamed up with Reebok to launch the #BreakYourSelfie campaign to show what the face of fitness should really look like

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Tired of seeing a barrage of re-touched, sweat-free, photo-shopped fitness selfies on Instagram? A trend that is perhaps not a true reflection of a workout that actually works, it’s high time social media got a makeover of its own. To help encourage others to join the revolution, TV star Millie Mackintosh has partnered with Reebok  to launch the #BreakYourSelfie campaign to showcase the more human side  of what getting fit actually entails.

We joined Millie and Reebok at a hard-hitting HIIT  workout at Gymbox  to see what it was all about. In a class that will soon be rolling out at the fitness club too, we were thoroughly put through our paces and lunged, squatted and burpeed until no filter strong enough could honestly diffuse our post-workout selfie er, glows! Which was exactly the point.

To kick off the campaign, Millie shared her before and after images on her Instagram page  and we bit the bullet and snapped one with the photogenic TV star too. And why not? Getting fit isn’t easy and this campaign looks like a great way to drive that point home.

So what does Millie’s stay fit plan consist of? The star shared her top exercise tips, her fitness motivation and her thoughts on why working out is such a big part of her life.

Q: How often do you work out?

MM: Anywhere between two and six times a week. Ideally I do four to five sessions but I don’t beat myself up if I have a really busy week and cannot stick to that. If I have events or parties to go to, I try to balance it out with a healthy weekend and be flexible with it.

Q: What type of workouts do you do?

MM: I try to do two weights-based sessions a week and for the rest I like to try different classes. I really like the high-intensity, high-energy workouts with no rest, like the #BreakYourSelfie class we did today. You sweat, you feel sick, but it’s set to music, you’re in a group and it pushes you so it is a lot of fun.

Q: So a real mix, do you have a favourite?

MM: I really like the variety, with different activities on different days, but I do especially like to work on my core. My challenge at the moment is to get one pull-up nailed and to do a yoga headstand. I really want to get a pull-up bar installed in my house so I can try it at home!

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Q: Why do you love fitness so much?

MM: It is therapy for the brain. No matter how stressful your day is, you have to focus when it comes to your workout and you come out feeling refreshed. It wakes you up and I feel like it gives me loads of fresh thoughts. It’s also the benefit of feeling fit and healthy, it’s not about weight loss for me, it’s about balance – I like to go out, I like to eat good food, so it’s about balancing off those naughty calories.

Q: What’s your secret?

MM: Make it part of your lifestyle and be consistent. It’s quite addictive when you start to see the positive change in your body and whilst it takes time, you have to commit to it.

Q: What do you do to recover?

MM: I swear by a few key things:

• Stretch – I like to do an hour of yin yoga to stretch and relax each week.

• Eat well – if you’re burning a lot of calories, get your carbs and your proteins in.

• Magnesium baths – I like to take a bath with magnesium salts to help the lactic acid disperse as often as I can.

• Rest – this is so important too. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

Q: How do you motivate yourself that little bit extra?

MM: There is no quick fix – I tell myself that there’s no point showing up if I’m not going to push myself, it has got to hurt. If your workout is easy it is not going to be doing anything for you and you’re not going to get the results!

Q: What do you think of the #BreakYourSelfie campaign?

MM: Encouraging women to do a really hard workout and to be fit is a really positive message – especially as anyone can take part. It’s not about looking pretty and whilst I do post selfies when I am made-up for shoots, with fitness, it’s a really healthy message and I want to see lots of broken selfies!

To join in the campaign, simply share your post-workout image using #breakyourselfie and tagging @ReebokUK on  www.twitter.com/reebokUK ,  www.instagram.com/reebokUK  or direct to the Be More Human Experience here:  reebok.com/bemorehuman . You can also join in at your nearest Reebok FitHub store:  fitness.reebok.co.uk/Reebok-locator .

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