My week in fitness: Nathalie Schyllert

7 July 2014
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My week in fitness: Nathalie Schyllert

When Nathalie Schyllert isn't busy working as Director of Bodywear for Bodyism, she's also a part-time model and full time mum. At Get The Gloss, we were curious to see how Nathalie manages to balance a hectic lifestyle with maintaining her lean (and incredible) physique, so we spoke to the former ballet dancer about what her week in fitness looks like...

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AM: Walk to work 45 mins. I always try to walk to work. I play some good tunes and it gets me in a good mood.

PM: TRX routine 45 mins. I like to focus on my core since I had a baby last year and also exercises that improve my posture.

TRX routine:

Single leg squat to kick

Hamstring curls

Triceps dips

Y's and T's

Knee tucks


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AM: Walk with the pushchair 45 mins.

PM: Exercise routine with Oliver, 30 minutes. He weighs 10kg so he's a perfect weight and he loves it. He thinks I'm only playing with him.

Oliver workout:

Squats to shoulder press


Squat to lift with rotation

Shoulder taps

Star plank

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AM: Walk to work 45 mins.

PM: Yoga on my balcony 30 mins. Sometimes 30 mins is enough to help me to reset my mind and activate the muscles.

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AM: Walk with push chair, 70 minutes. I love to go for long walks around Hyde Park or Holland Park.

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AM: Walk to work 45 mins

PM: Ballet Barre routine 40 minutes. I like to combine a normal Bodyism session with some ballet moves.

Ballet routine:

Hip extensions


Plié in 1st and 2nd position

Develope to the side

Leg lifts in arabesque leaning forward with head on the barre

Triceps dips towards the barre

Flowing push up on the floor

Bodyism plank with mini band.

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AM: Yoga 75 minutes - I usually go to a private session at Bodyism or for a group session at The Life Centre.

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Rest day with massage, reflexology or fascial stretching.