My Week In Food: Leah Kim

10 November 2014
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My Week In Food: Leah Kim

Growing up in health-conscious California it wasn't until  Leah  started at university that she discovered yoga. Having lived and taught in both California and Hong Kong, Leah is now based in London where she has been working with Nike on yoga projects since 2009.

Food, not necessarily nutrition, ­has always been a huge part of my psyche. As a misinformed teenager I focused on bad dieting which left me feeling­ weak, empty and grumpy. During college I became more committed to my yoga practice, and experimented with another extreme approach - becoming a gluten free, vegan, raw foodie. I finally abandoned all extreme eating habits and chose instead to eat what made me feel good. Now, I don’t deny myself anything, but I tend to choose to eat clean, minimally processed foods from different food groups. If I’m going to treat myself to something indulgent, I try to only eat a moderate amount. The way I eat is an extension of everything yoga has taught me: to take care of myself, to listen to my inner voice and to be aware and present.

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Breakfast: Fried eggs, smoked salmon and steamed spinach

Lunch: Kale and avocado salad with a side of chicken breast

Afternoon Tea: Teapigs matcha green tea 

Dinner: Shanghainese noodles with soy sauce and spring onions

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Breakfast: Poached eggs with sautéed spinach

Lunch: Bagel with turkey

Afternoon snack: Dark chocolate and Teapigs silver tips white tea

Dinner: Sushi

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Breakfast: Turkey and asparagus sandwich, orange and chamomile tea

Lunch: Porridge with flaxseeds

Dinner: Pan fried cod, steamed broccoli and french fries

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Breakfast: Greek yogurt, fresh baked french bread and Teapigs grapefruit matcha super power green tea drink

Lunch: Shrimp, vegetable and  tofu dimsum with seaweed salad

Afternoon snack: Crisp bread, avocado hummus and a Teapigs matcha green tea

Dinner: Sushi

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Breakfast: Eggs fried in coconut oil with avocado hummus

Lunch: Squash and carrot soup

Dinner: Quinoa, beets, carrot and pumpkin with a coconut water

After dinner: Godiva matcha truffle and Teapigs matcha green tea

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Breakfast: Muesli with greek yogurt

Lunch: Grilled sea bream with caesar salad (no dressing)

Dinner: Japchae, steamed broccoli and egg soup

After dinner: Teapigs liquorice and peppermint tea  and some dark chocolate

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Breakfast: Fried eggs with spelt oat cookies and a Tea Pigs Green Matcha Latte

Lunch: Chicken satay with artisan breadsticks and guacamole

Dinner: Prawn dim sum with a chicken clay pot and rice