My Week in Food: Meryl Zises

20 July 2015
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My Week in Food: Meryl Zises

Having relied on cold pressed juice whilst living in her native New York, when Meryl came to London she struggled with getting the fix she craved. Not one to rest on her laurels, Meryl called on her best friend from back home and fellow wellness warrior Lily, and the pair got set to work on launching cold pressed juice company Imbibery. Offering full cleanses as well as individual juices, mylks and shots in cafes, fitness studios and online at , here we look at what the busy entrepreneur eats on average week…

I'm all about the jet and reset! I love nothing more than traveling, trying new cuisines or being with friends and family whether that’s around a big table at home or going out for amazing meals at new restaurants. However, I make sure my body is well-set and that's why my most favorite thing in the world is juice. To say I'm cold-pressed obsessed is an understatement. Cold-pressed juice is truly the ultimate fast food: it floods your system with nutrients rapidly, you instantly feel great and all it takes is opening a bottle. Flavour is very important to me and Lily so we worked extremely hard to make sure all things Imbibery make are super yummy!

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Breakfast: I'm in New York and after a spin class I go to Juice Generation next door with my mum and get a green smoothie with spinach, mango and almond mylk.

Lunch: Meet friends at ABC Cocina  and we share guacamole, a mixed green salad and brown rice with all different kinds of vegetables - absolutely delicious.

Dinner: I try out Kappo Masa  which is excellent. I had a special kind of ‘pasta’ called Masa Surimi Pasta which is totally gluten free and only made out of fish - genius!

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Breakfast: It’s time to fly back from New York and before my flight I have water with lemon and ginger.

Lunch: I bring take out from my favorite NYC spot, Beyond Sushi , for the flight. I always bring my own food for flights and Beyond Sushi is so so delicious - I can never get enough of it in when I’m in New York!. Their soups are great but not plane friendly so I stock up on lots of my favorite rolls called Pickle Me - perfect mess-free flight food!

Dinner: I get home and am exhausted but SO excited to devour an Imbibery Hydro juice and a Imbibery Cashew Mylk. This is what jet and reset is all about!

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We recently launched 'WEDNESDAY CLEANSE DAY', which is basically a reset day and really helps because I know other people are doing it with me - there's a team spirit involved which I love! I start the day with lemon in hot water and because I am a caffeine person - and not looking to kick the habit - I have a cup of black tea.

My cleanse looks like this:

1. Green

2. Hydro

3. Roots

4. Hydro

5. Hail Mary

6. Cashew Mylk

I end my day with 100% Pure Ginger Shot in warm water.

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Breakfast: An Imbibery Pure Lemon Shot in water followed by a Imbibery Coffee Almond Mylk.

Lunch: I go to  Chucs  for lunch and have their tuna tartare and a mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: Mixed salad and a Imbibery Phyto juice.

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Breakfast: A new product we're developing- I can't share yet but it is AMAZING!

Lunch: I go to Toto's  and get their crab dish which is very simple: crab on a bed of avocado with a gazpacho base. It's so yummy!

Dinner: Mixed greens with avocado and quinoa.

I end the night with one of Imbibery's 100% Pure Ginger shots in warm water- I do this almost every night.

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Breakfast: Start the day with an Imbibery Pure Lemon Shot followed by an Imbibery Coffee Almond Mylk and then a Green Juice.

Lunch: Almond butter and banana on a rice cake followed by an Imbibery Roots juice.

Dinner: Courgetti with a tomato and pesto sauce.

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Breakfast: Usual start to the day with 100% Pure Lemon Shot in water followed by a cup of black coffee and a Imbibery Phyto juice.

Lunch: Cherry tomatoes and avocado on a rice cake with some paprika and cracked pepper on top.

Dinner: Imbibery Gazpacho soup.