Designed to showcase London’s finest wellness warriors, we bring you our top fitness tips and trends from Saturday’s Well Fit Festival

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Last Saturday saw The Skinny Bitch Collective team up with dance and fitness studio Frame  to host Well Fit  - a one-day concept festival of fun, food and fitness which showcased some of London’s finest wellbeing warriors.

Designed to teach and train fellow fitness junkies, the event was based on the three pillars of Eat, Train, Learn, and saw some of the finest eateries around come together to offer everything from bunless burgers to superfood salads.  Russell Bateman  was on hand to offer exclusive SBC classes, while holistic studio Frame promised to whip attendees into shape with popular classes covering everything from Yoga and Barre to Box Fit.

Also present were Millie Mackintosh, Kimberly Snyder and of course  Calgary Avansino , who was on hand to share the secrets of her wellness know-how with us all. Never ones to hold back on new wellness knowledge, here’s what we learned…

Calgary Avansino on five ways to a healthier, happier you:

1. Remember comparison is the thief of joy - you should only compare yourself to yourself.

2. In order to succeed, set yourself an achievable goal and then do it.

3. Eat your greens, but once a week wash, chop and freeze them on a cookie tray to add to stew, smoothies and risotto.

4. Mix it up. Whether you’re a runner doing interval training or a Yogi doing Pilates, it is important to always give your body excitement.

5. Break the perpetual cycle of sugar addiction. As eating sugar spikes your energy, when it drops you crave more and the cycle continues. Don’t eat more than 5-6 teaspoons per day, look for it in everything you eat and learn to read your labels. Avoid processed food and try to keep a sugar diary, as well as removing all sugar and processed foods from your home to avoid temptation.

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SBC’s Russell Bateman on fitness tips and tricks:

1. Be your own guinea pig and see what works for you.

2. For great abs, drink more water, get lots of sleep and try to remove stress from your life.

3. Meat and dairy are fine but only from free range animals - avoid hormone pumped supermarket food.

4. Concentrate on eliminating the things that don’t improve your life.

5. Your body is designed to move like an animal, so use it. Crawling is a great warm up tool before a workout.

6. A double espresso won’t kill you - in fact, having a coffee or green tea before training can actually help to improve your performance and burn fat.

You can check out Russell Bateman's GTG bio  here

Joslyn Thompson Rule on how to do weight training:

1. Start with your own body weight, and only add weight (barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell) when you feel ready.

2. Master the fundamental movements, like the squat, lunge, bend, rotation, push and pull. These are things we do in our everyday life (when standing up from sitting or putting something on a high shelf for example).

3. Choose free weights over machines as it works more of your body.

4. Choose large compound exercises like front squats or lunges rather than muscle group specific ones, they're more functional in everyday life.

5. Aim to strength train 1-2 times per week e.g. a short session of a squat, a pull up and a lunge. Work from 1 set of 8 to 4 sets of 5 as you begin to work with heavier weights.

6. Compliment strength training with HIIT or low intensity cardio and movement training like Yoga or Pilates.

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