Make the post-party season detox a bit more bearable by getting into good fitness habits now

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If every January 1st you find yourself making the same New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, get fit or to become a bit healthier and wind up in the same place come December 31st, stop history repeating and prepare both body and mind by laying down the right foundations now.

Where to start? We asked one of the best personal trainers out there and Get The Gloss Expert  Dalton Wong  for his top fitness  tips when it comes to putting yourself in the best possible position for shifting those post party season pounds. From the best exercises to lose weight, to ways to resist the lure of yuletide overload, put the work in now and you could reap double the rewards next year. Sounds like a New Year’s deal that we can definitely get on board with.

Tip 1: The best exercise to lose weight

Exercise smarter, doesn’t necessarily mean exercising for longer. The most effective workouts come from knowing which exercises provide the biggest payoff long-term. “One of the best and most healthy alternatives is to increase your lean muscle mass,” recommends Dalton. This involves weights rather than cardio. “No need to starve yourself or avoid going to parties - start increasing your exercise regime by increasing the weight, reps or sets. Lean muscle mass will help your body become a fat burning furnace!”

Tip 2: Healthy living habits

Let’s be honest, it’s quite the shock to the system trading in mulled wine for a cold pressed juice when your New Year’s resolutions officially kick in. So make the bump back to reality more seamless by making some subtle tweaks to your daily routine. “All changes in the body happen first with our thoughts,” explains Dalton.

“Getting into good habits now, like eating more greens, getting to sleep on time and having fun will create a good and healthy lifestyle. It’s quite common that people only think about it at the start of the year - by starting now it’s already a good and healthy habit!”

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Tip 3: Fitness friends

When it comes to finding a fitness plan that works for you and actually sticking with it, strength in numbers is definitely the way forward.

“Don’t think of exercise as a chore or something that you HAVE to do. Find a friend, join a class or a sports team where you can feed off eachother’s energy,” suggests Dalton. “Those fellow exercisers will be there to help you when the weather gets cold or if you flake off for a couple of sessions. By starting now you will be able to start building that support network that will help when the times get tough.”

Tip 4: Wise workouts

Resist the urge of being lured into memberships that you will never use or classes that you will never go to by shopping around first.

“Try before you buy or commit!” warns Dalton. “Every gym, spin, yoga, Pilates, or barre class offers Christmas and New Year deals. Take advantage of them and save money. It will allow you to try various different types of exercises so you can keep your fitness regime exciting and fun. These various types of training will be great for your mind and body and will allow you to cope better with the post-holiday season blues.”

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Tip 5: Party season planning

Guarantee a festive season with maximum enjoyment, minimal guilt by just practicing the 3 Ps: Planning, Portions and of course, Party!

“Besides increasing your lean muscle mass, just be aware of what you’re eating and drinking,” says Dalton. “Make a conscious choice about what you’re going to do - either enjoy the party food or an extra couple of drinks. We tend to have an all or nothing approach but this lead us to a double whammy when it comes to adding on those extra food and alcohol calories which equals extra pounds.”

Got a big night out (or few) in the pipeline and worried about resisting the temptation to graze? “When heading to the bar, make sure that you have a sensible meal beforehand so you don’t get tempted by the bar snacks or that late night takeaway.”