If the London Marathon has inspired you to get your running shoes on, maximise your workout with a TomTom sport watch

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If you thought marathon running was a solo sport, think again. A new fitness gadget from TomTom could prove to be the perfect training partner.

Thanks to a dose of clever technology and some innovative features, the new TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sport watch is the running planner that you can count on to keep you on the right track.

What sets it apart from the other fitness trackers out there? Well for one, it has a built-in heart-rate monitor so you don’t need a separate chest strap, plus it has a range of programmes to ensure you’re training in your optimal heart-rate zone.

Get The Gloss Editor-in-chief Susannah Taylor  says, "I am training for my first triathlon this summer and the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sport watch will be invaluable. I have just started running again after a long break, (a knee injury) and I need to build up my speed and track my distance.

“The heart-rate monitor will help me increase my fitness levels when I'm out training on my own in the Oxfordshire lanes where I live and the GPS will let me know whether I have over or underdone the distance. It also looks like something out of 2030. V cool!"

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From a sprint setting to a fat burn mode, interval training and racing yourself - whether you want to lose weight, improve fitness or increase your endurance, there’s a workout to suit your needs.

It also tracks distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt, plus it displays your GPS track on a map. Monitor your progress by simply viewing your stats on TomTom MySports or other popular sites and upload your activities with the TomTom MySports app.

We might not be quite ready for the London Marathon just yet, but with this new-age running buddy close at hand (or wrist to be more specific), taking our first steps towards running and heart-rate zone training has suddenly become a lot less daunting.

Available to pre-order now at  www.tomtom.com  for £249.99