Meditation, probiotics and supplements for her endometriosis are among Sherrille Riley’s top spends each month. We asked the brow expert to share her wellness balance sheet with us

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I'm a celebrity brow expert and founder of Nails & Brows and Beauty Edit Mayfair. I live in Earls Court with my husband and I'm 41

Between owning a beauty company that employs 31 people and launching my own brow collection, Beauty Edit Mayfair , I’m left with very little personal time. I oversee all areas of our business and this can leave me feeling overwhelmed and quite stressed at times. I struggle to switch off and so I really have to prioritise my mental health.

On average, I spend around £400 a month on wellbeing, around a quarter of my disposable income. Wellbeing is a high priority for me, as it affects how I manage my business and how I see things. I need to have a clear mind to make key decisions and I need to be physically well to manage the various tasks that crop up every day. I spend very little on beauty products as I’m in the industry and get given lots of things to try, so this therefore frees up more of my budget to spend on wellness.

What I do depends on how I’m feeling and where in the world I am as I travel a lot for work.

Image credit: Anya Baguina

Meditation, £100

I love meditation as it really helps to switch off my overactive mind. I go to Remind Studio in Pimlico. It’s a great wellbeing studio that focuses on mental wellbeing through guided meditation and Reiki. A five-session pack lasts me a month.

I also listen to guided meditations on YouTube in the mornings before getting out of bed and once I’m up, I put on some uplifting gospel music while I’m having breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead. It really lifts my spirit.

Five session pack, £100.

Pilates, £125

I love a good stretch as I always feel stiff from being constantly glued to my laptop. I go to Heartcore Pilates depending on my travel arrangements as their classes really help my back, posture and overall wellbeing. I tend to buy a package of five to spread the cost.

£125 for a pack of five. .

Massage, £45 to £80

I couldn’t survive without massages. My shoulders get sore from carrying my heavy handbag. It’s usually packed with just about everything I can fit in - I don’t know why I do it to myself. A masseur usually comes to my house, or I book in with Kure London once a month.

Kure London , £45 per massage. Masseur, £80 per massage.

Probiotics, £30.57

I suffer from IBS , so I take a probiotic supplement  every day to maintain the health of my gut.

This has helped me in so many ways, especially with reducing stomach bloating.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 Billion , £30.57 for 30 capsules.

Flowers, £20

I love fresh flowers. I pass my local florist en-route to Holland Park where I go for walks on Sundays and I often stop to get a bunch. It’s quite a treat but it’s really nice and helps my emotional wellbeing.

Rassells of Kensington. .

Herbs, £46

I’ve been taking prescribed herbal teas and daily tinctures since last October which has been phenomenal for treating my endometriosis  symptoms. I used to suffer terribly with PMS pains, but not anymore.

Prescribed by practitioners at the  Haelan Centre .

Total: £366.57

When I’m strapped for cash I… yoga at home using free YouTube videos. I really like Jen Hilman’s workouts on PsycheTruth . I also love walking in Holland Park as nature and fresh air make me feel calm and peaceful.

I also listen to gratitude meditation a lot on YouTube as this reminds me to be appreciative of the little things. Kelita Gonzalez is great for this - she has the most wonderful voice, music and message. I’d also recommend ‘Living Carefree’ by Deepak Chopra  too.

The bottom line

Meditation takes top priority for me, it’s what I need the most. It really helps me to switch off which I find a huge challenge. What’s great, is that there are so many videos on YouTube to listen to which are all free and conveniently available, so there’s always an option that fits in with my circumstances each month.

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