We caught up with the in-demand A-list trainer and Body by Simone founder to talk cardio, choreography and her new class in the UK...

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One of Tinseltown’s most in-demand PTs, LA celebrity fitness instructor Simone De La Rue has developed a reputation as the go-to trainer of some of the A-list’s most famous and hottest bodies. And now with her high energy, dance-based class, Body by Simone - Sweat (popular with the Kardashians), having just landed exclusively at Third Space London , her method looks set to make similar waves across the Atlantic too.

Fun, fast and effective, the 55-minute workout takes inspiration from her signature classes in the States and experiences as a dancer on the West End and Broadway stages. Using a base of ballet to sculpt, tone and shape and featuring fast-paced routines and great playlists, Simone actively encourages attendees to not take themselves too seriously and to let go of their inhibitions. “It should be fun and joyous,” she tells us. “We're not auditioning for the West End, the idea is really just to get your heart rate up. It's a fun way to get women together, be supportive of one another and have that creative outlet.” Balancing choreography with cardio perfectly, we’d highly recommend a visit.

With studios in LA and New York, three DVDs, an online streaming service, a clothing line, a co-branded shoe, book deals and a show on the E! Network under her belt, the Body by Simone business is booming. How does the woman behind it all stay fit, motivated and inspired? We caught up with her to find out...

When it comes to fitness, do you prefer routine or variety?

Definitely variety. I need to constantly mix it up. The beauty about dance is that it's never the same. You're always using different muscle groups, different planes of motion and moving in different directions. Variety is good for the brain mentally and it's good for the body to not keep doing the same thing.

What would we always find in your gym bag?

Klorane Dry Shampoo . It’s a lifesaver because I sweat so much and teach so many classes. My Fitbit , so I can always know how many steps I've done and how many calories I've burned. My BBS dance cardio shoes  that I designed with Newton Running - I can't live without them. I've always got some kind of crazy outfit on - my leggings have to inspire me. Today I'm wearing Sukishufu , £95, a British brand that I'm supporting. They make me look like I'm from out of space. You'll also always find a bottle of water in there and my iPhone for my music (you can follow me on Spotify for my playlists).

Where do you get your fitness motivation from?

My clients and working out with them in order to motivate them.

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What's the best body shaping exercise that you've tried?

A Pilates exercise where you lay on your belly, make a diamond with your legs and drive your heels towards the ceiling. You're forced to fire from your glutes and you can't cheat. It's a really great booty exercise. Then there's the good old fashioned squat and different plies and Arabesque exercises where you lift your legs.

How did you get your big break?

Working with Sandra Bullock on the film Gravity.

What's the key piece of fitness advice you give to clients?

It’s 80 per cent diet, 20 per cent exercise. Calorie intake to exercise input is really important. I think we make the mistake of saying 'Oh I just ate a salad today,' but then afterwards drinking our calories through a bottle of wine. It's diet-related and that and exercise go hand in hand.

What's the best thing you've learned from a client?

I was a ballet dancer so I love people who are disciplined, ambitious and driven. It’s great seeing my celebrities getting in the zone when they're working towards the Grammys or a movie role. That inspires me because I respect that kind of ambition and drive - it's hard to make people do that, it has to be in them.

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How do you know when you're rundown or have been overdoing it?

I sleep. I travel a lot and spend a lot of time on planes and so I often pick up bugs. I’m a sleeper and most nights I'll be in bed by nine and up at six. I have to eat really well as well, but I try not to take vitamins or anything like that - just water, sleep and listening to my body.

What's your secret to staying sane?

My friends, my family and my boyfriend - they keep me very grounded. Sometimes I can be a fairy and fly off into the air, but then they pull me right back down to reality. That's what I love about Australians and Brits, they're very down-to-earth. I like to go out for brunch, to the theatre, I meditate when I can, I try to cook, watch Netflix...just try and find balance.

What's the product you tell everyone about?

Good shoes to prevent injuries from the high impact jumping we do in the class. It’s really important to replace them regularly and have proper insoles if you pronate.

What's your best budget beauty buy?

I do love Lucas Papaw Ointment , £5.99.

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What's your biggest health spend?

Maybe massages. I see my body as my tool and I have to take good care of it, so I try to get some sort of massage, acupuncture or cupping regularly.

What are you surprisingly good at?

Cooking and rock climbing.

Third Space  is the exclusive London destination to do Body by Simone - Sweat in the UK.

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