Songs to sweat to: 6 of our trainers share their top 3 tracks

13 November 2014
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Our top trainers favourite workout songs

Like the faithful dress that always makes you feel sexy or the red lippy that helps boost your confidence, we all have those few songs that never fail to light the fire in our bellies and make us train harder and faster.

Amidst a (rather heated) discussion in GTG HQ one day about whether Jay-Z or Rihanna helped us pump more iron, the Glossy Posse started to wonder about which tracks and tunes top trainers turned to when getting their sweat on (we also had the perverse idea that if we tried exercising to what personal trainers did, then maybe we’d workout better too...)

So, feeling nosey and like our ipods could do with some new material, we got in touch with five of our top fitness experts to see what their top three ultimate workout songs were and why.

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Russell Bateman

Founder of Skinny Bitch Collective

Underworld, ‘Dark and Long (Dark Train)’ - Driving, melodic, moody, intense, tribal. Just a relentless cacophony of intricate synths over amazing 4/4 drums to accompany crawl fighting or partner workouts.

Aphex Twin, ‘Window Licker’ - Absolutely genius track which is as unpredictable as an SBC session. The breakdown is heart gripping and perfect for explosive portions of our workout.

M83, ‘Dark Moves of Love’ - This is my favourite cool down track and a pretty epic one at that. Every session should be your own little journey and I like to really soundtrack each one to make it memorable. There's never any mundane repetitive exercise or music!

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Joe Wicks

Personal Trainer and Online Nutrition Coach

Kanye West, ‘Touch The sky’ - Kanye West beats always getting me in the mood for a workout and this is one of those songs which makes me want to run faster on the treadmill when it comes on.

Gorgon City, ‘Imagination’ - Gorgon city have made some banging tunes this year and this is one of those songs which makes me feel really good!

Dr Dre, ‘Forget about Dre’ - Dr Dre and Eminem are two of my favourite rappers so having them on the same track is a win for me. This is the sort of song I listen to when lifting weights and letting out some stress!

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Lucy Miller

Personal Trainer and London Fitness Editor

Meghan Trainor, ‘All About That Bass’ -  I like that it’s about positive body image and it's also a really catchy tune.

Lilly Wood & The Prick And Robin Schulz, ‘Prayer In C’ - This song is also really catchy and reminds me of being on holiday. It also makes me feel really happy and carefree.

Fame, ‘Remember My Name’ - It's an oldie but a Goldie! It takes me back to my childhood when I used to dress up in leg warmers and a leotard. You can't help but sing along and feel upbeat.

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Steve Mellor

Freedom2Train Fitness and Nutrition Expert

ACDC, ‘Highway to Hell’ – They played this song every morning for 7 days at an Ultra running event I did and it brings back all the feelings of just going for it, whatever stands in the way in that workout - just getting it done as fast as possible.

Clean Bandit, ‘Rather Be’ – I love this song if you don't need too much uplifting heavy music and it's a great one to get lost in with what you’re doing and forget about everything else.

Eminem, ‘Lose Yourself’ - This is my ultimate song if I want to get really fired up to work harder than I think is possible and push myself to new limits. This song describes a challenge, a fight that ends badly and then picks you up again and describes how important it is to make the best of any opportunity. For me this makes me want to push my body beyond anywhere it’s ever been. I usually save this for a race, competition or a big workout.

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Christina Howells

Personal Trainer and Co-Founder of That Girl London

Ellie Goulding, ‘Anything Could Happen’ - This is my favourite song as it’s how I like to live my life - I love that anything really can happen and that’s what makes life so fun! I’m always on the go and I love the challenge of all new things.

Maroon 5, ‘Moves Like Jagger’  - I love this song as it really makes you want to get moving!

‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’  -’ It’s quite relaxing, but this song is always on the fashion week count down list prior to the Marc Jacobs show, which is why I love it. It’s also such a beautiful song if you listen to the words.’

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Michele Pernetta

Hot Power Yoga Expert

The Idan Raichel project, 'Mon Amour' - This song is great becuase it represents the perfect relaxed vibe needed to achieve the very best in a challenging but user-friendly Fierce Grace yoga class

Mark Tschanz, 'The Rain' - I chose this song as it's fantastic to help clear your mind of the day to day stresses and concerns and will help you get in tune with your body.

Sami Yusuf, 'Meditation' - This is the perfect song to help you channel your concentration so you can focus, work hard and sweat.