New research has shown which types of music are best for your workout. Katie Robertson finds out what to listen to

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We’re only two weeks into the New Year and already the once enticing challenge to get fit and transform our bodies is becoming somewhat arduous. The newly introduced exercise regime seems (to me) to be a little bit hit and miss. Some days it feels like our speed, strength and power simply knows no bounds. However, other days our stamina and fitness can seem comparable to that of a limp noodle - an inconsistency that is both highly confusing and hugely de-moralising.

However, what if there were a way to make sure every workout was as potentially effective and productive for your body as possible? Magic, I hear you say? Hypnosis? No. The answer is in fact all about the music.

Research carried out by sports psychologist Dr Costas Karageorghis has found that specific genres of music can vastly affect the performance of a person’s workout. Indeed, by comparing the different beats per minute (bpm) of up to 6.7 million songs, researchers discovered that it is possible to discover what songs are best suited to different frequencies of workout - and here’s the lowdown. Warm up with pop, blast house and hip-hop during high-intensity  and avoid rock at all costs due to its constant irregular rhythm (and because it’s just noise, isn’t it?).

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Once you’ve synced songs to your stride, add in some motivational lyrics and it is in fact possible to channel and transform your feelings of breathlessness and side splitting stitches into a wholly positive performance.

So, if there was ever a time to re-examine and re-shape your workout playlist it’s now - it may just be the musical key to your fitness success…