The 10 most inspiring and motivational Instagram accounts

4 August 2014
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Who to follow on Instagram

Ever find yourself scrolling through various Instagram accounts for hours on end? We’ve all been there. Thanks to an up-and-coming hoard of inspiring and motivational accounts, there’s no reason we can’t use this time to get more clued up about fitness and health, rather than what Kim K wore over the weekend.

Whether you’re in need of inspirational sayings, fitness workout ideas or nutritional recipes, we’ve picked out our top 10 favourite Instagram accounts that will leave you with a new zest for life, fitness and food. Happy exploring!

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Gypset Goddess (@gypsetgoddess)

When you’re trudging through your morning commute and find yourself stuffed into the armpit of a sweaty stranger, scroll through Caitlin Turner’s Instagram feed and let her beautiful images make your surroundings disappear.

“Just a girl travelling the world”, Caitlin’s account gypsetgoddess (gypsey + jetset) is full of her striking yoga poses around the world. Whether she’s in the middle of a waterfall in Hawaii, in a temple in Thailand or on a sailing boat in Turkey, Caitlin never misses a chance to squeeze in some meditation against a picturesque backdrop.

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Sprouted Kitchen (@sproutedkitchen)

An extension of their successful blog, Sprouted Kitchen is where Sara Forte documents her life in healthy food and her husband Hugh Forte photographs it. Each picture is shot beautifully and opens your eyes to how creative you can be with healthy cooking – kale, sweet potato and goat cheese scramble, anyone?

There’s even a selection of drool-worthy desserts and treats, such as apricot, oat and walnut cookies and gluten free waffles with maple stewed blueberries and goat yoghurt. And to break up the endless images of delicious food, you can also expect sprinkles of cute snaps in the form of Sara’s two-month old baby Curran.

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Blogilates (@blogilates)

Health and fitness blogger Cassey Ho knows how to get you off the sofa and hitting a mat in no time. With an Instagram feed packed with healthy meal ideas, heaps of protein shake recipes and monthly fitness schedules; you’re bound to find inspiration in this account.

With her positive attitude weaved throughout her pictures, Cassey pushes that while getting fit may be hard work, it’s a fun journey that will leave you reaping the benefits. She’ll also keep you on your toes, with posts like “Five. The number of burpees I want you to do right now. Tag a friend who you would like to complete this workout command... immediately!”.

And when you find yourself slightly addicted to her posts (it will happen), there’s even more recipes and fitness motivation on her blog and YouTube channel - score.

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Nutrition Stripped (@nutritionstripped)

Nutritionist, food blogger and registered dietician and wellness coach McKel Hill ’s Instagram account will show you that healthy food can look just as (if not more) delicious than the naughty junk that we're always reaching for.

After suffering from intense migraines, McKel began replacing certain foods in her diet. Soon she was full of energy, her digestive system improved and her headaches completely stopped – and she hasn’t looked back since.

Describing herself as a “green smoothie connoisseur”, McKel’s mission is to show people that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. And when her posts include Flourless Blackberry Chocolate Cake and chocolate raspberry smoothie bowls, we’ll happily step away from the doughnuts.

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Happsters (@happsters)

We love a good quote. Whether it was for the perfect MSN screen name, the About Me section on MySpace or just to generally add some positivity to your day, everybody has found themselves googling for positive and inspiring quotes at one time or another. Now, the trend has spread to Instagram, where motivational memes have taken over.

If you fancy yourself as a little bit of a Yoda, then you need to follow Happsters, pronto. Filled with thought-provoking life quotes, this account will snap things into perspective when certain situations might start to look a bit grey.

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Yoga Girl (@yoga_girl)

What would a motivational fitness list be without Yoga Girl ? With over 900,000 followers, Rachel Brathen has become a global sensation with her yoga tips, motivational words and snippets of wisdom - which really do help to give you a whole new outlook on things.

Based in Aruba, though frequently travelling, she posts stunning images to her account daily but it’s the captions that make her posts even more striking. Whether it’s a simple sentence, such as “Life is here. Now. Are you making the most of it?”, or a more lengthy, but beautifully-worded, short essay about how she’s feeling that day, you’re guaranteed to be left in a state of reflection and wanting to squeeze the most out of life.

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Clean Eatz (@cleaneatz)

Lacking motivation? Then head over to Clean Eatz for inspiring healthy meals, motivational fitness quotes and light-hearted quips (when life knocks you down, do a burpee!) to brighten up your day.

Compiled by two Canadian students, Greta Epstein and Jamie Milne, this account is brimming with tips and incentive with its handful of new images everyday. Clean Eatz also gets sent ideas from other accounts (which are all clearly credited), making it easy to discover other fitness and nutrition Instagrams. Warning: you could get lost for hours.

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Natalie Jill (@nataliejillfit)

No matter how old you are, you can all take something away from Natalie Jill’s Instagram account. With rock solid abs, Natalie is over 40 years old (yes, you read that right) and looks incredible, though her journey hasn’t been easy. After encountering back problems and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Celiac Sprue, which prevents her body from processing gluten properly, Natalie is the walking definition of what hard work can bring.

Using her account to promote a positive and happy lifestyle, you’ll find incredibly effective 5 minute fat-busting routines, flat tummy workouts and post-workout snacks. We can’t help but find ourselves constantly checking out what this empowering lady has been posting and salute her for showing that it’s never too late to get fit.

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Veggieful (@veggieful)

Run by 22 year-old Madison, appointed cook and recipe writer, and her photographer and graphic designer husband Jerome, Veggieful is packed with food that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to our taste buds, and will quickly become your go-to for the best in original and mouth-watering vegan food.

While vegan recipes on many other accounts lack inspiration (how many quinoa bowls can a person eat?), Veggieful reminds you that a vegan menu is the same as ‘normal’ food and simply comes down to replacing certain ingredients. Showing you how to make vegan French toast, vegan vegetable tikka masala and their vegan version of Nutella, this account will leave you seriously considering following a vegan lifestyle, if you don't already.

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Laura Sykora (@laurasykora)

After practising yoga for 18 years, Laura Sykora’s Instagram is filled with breathtaking images of seemingly impossible yoga poses, but it’s the images with her children that makes her account even better.

Proving that it’s never too early to encourage a healthier lifestyle, Laura passes her techniques down to her kids and posts images of her and her daughter, Mini, in synchronised splits, back bends and balancing positions – in matching yoga pants, no less. It’s enough to inspire and melt your heart at the same time.