We've selected our favourite YouTube core workouts to help keep you motivated through the colder months...

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While we love to keep fit, us Glossies occasionally find it hard to stay motivated in the colder months, and may reach for naughty comfort food more often than usual.

Luckily, we can turn the comfort of our living rooms into our own personal gym space, thanks to endless workouts on YouTube. So, we’ve compiled our top 5 video workouts for a flatter stomach to help keep you lean and mean until the sun decides to show its face again.

What’s even better? The comfort of your sofa is right behind you for when you’re done and ready to collapse…

“HIIT Workout for Abs and Obliques” by FitnessBlender

This gruelling workout is guaranteed to make out sweat. Posted by FitnessBlender, a husband and wife duo; Daniel and Kelli, this channel has over 360 videos, but this one is our favourite for combatting the stomach area. The 21-minute session consists of a 4-minute cardio warm up and a 17 minute HIIT routine, which includes exercises like flutter kicks, toe touch crunches and Russian twists (beware). Each move is demonstrated by Kelli while Daniel’s voiceover explains the moves clearly and gives you tips on how to make them more effective. He even counts down the last 5 seconds of each section, which really pushes you towards your rest period. Your stomach might ache for a few days after your first time completing the routine, but keep at it and you’ll see your stomach slim down in next to no time.

Watch the workout  here .

“9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach” by XHIT Daily

From the moment that fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise pops on to your screen, her high energy will snap you out of your sloth-like mood and encourage to get up and join in. The workout doesn’t require much space (it was filmed in Rebecca-Louise’s own living room) and the handy timer in the corner shows you the seconds zooming by as you work towards a tighter tummy. While Rebecca-Louise works her way through moves such as windmills, mountain climbers and Spiderman planks, her energetic dialogue will make you realise that stopping really isn’t an option – a Ms Motivator, if you will. We’d recommend watching it through first to get familiar with the moves before trying it yourself.

Watch the workout  here .

“Bikini Abs Routine” by Tone It Up

While this video may have been created for bikinis and the summer time, that doesn’t mean we can’t use it (and its gorgeous beach setting) as motivation. It also means less work in the run up to summer – winning. Karena, one half of the Tone It Up team, runs through a tough workout that works across different levels and includes some weight work. When you start to feel like you’re slacking, just take a look at her amazing figure – you’ll be sure try this routine a few times.

Watch the workout  here .

“Yoga for Weight Loss – Yoga Core Workout” by Yoga with Adriene

Fun and friendly, yoga teacher Adriene explains her yoga routines at the perfect pace for beginners. Concentrating on weight loss rather than developing a six pack, this sequence builds strength in your core, as well as the rest of your body and stregthens your mind. Each pose will also help to improve your posture, which will help to pull your stomach in. Adriene’s light-hearted approach to yoga makes it an enjoyable experience and you’ll start to notice a big difference to your yoga as you continue to practice this sequence.

Watch the workout  here .

“10 Min Ab Sculpting Workout to Blast Belly Fat” by Blogilates

Certified Pilates and fitness instructor, blogger and YouTuber Cassey Ho has enough energy for both you and her. From the moment that her positive and perky self appears on your screen, any signs of laziness will instantly disappear and she’ll motivate you to get up and moving. In this Pilates workout, Cassey runs through her top ab sculpting moves, which includes genie twists, butterfly crunches and V sit ups. Her encouragement and quirky commentary will help you power through the burn.

Watch the workout  here .