Looking for a New Year’s read? Here’s our round-up of the best books hitting the market (and our bookshelves)

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The inevitable rush of new health and wellbeing books set to launch in the New Year is certain to light up the bestseller charts come January. However unlike previous years, 2018’s selection offers a greater degree of choice than ever before - for instance, books by doctors and the medically trained are set for big things as are guides on more specific wellness concerns such as energy and gut health. Which ones have piqued our interest? Here are 11 upcoming success stories that are currently making the rounds at GTG HQ.

The 4 Pillar Plan by Dr Rangan Chatterjee, £12.99

Dividing health into four pillars - diet, rest, sleep and movement - Dr Chatterjee’s approach for achieving a longer and healthier life is all about making small, achievable changes every day. More about balance than excelling in one of these areas, he's influenced from his own experiences as a GP where he takes a 360 degree approach in order to discover the root cause of his patients’ problems. “He will make you feel better than you have in years,” says nutritional therapist Amelia Freer  and considering how well his BBC One Doctor in the House series was received too, this book looks set to be a success.

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Va Va Voom, The 10-Day Energy Diet by Jackie Lynch, £14.99

Are you tired all the time? It’s a feeling that most of us can relate to and this book looks to help fix that through simple changes to what you eat. Written by Jackie Lynch, registered nutritional therapist and founder of London’s WellWellWell clinic, it features chapters on both energy boosting and draining foods, as well as a 10-day meal planner and shopping list, recipes and a flexible maintenance plan to keep good habits ticking over well past January.

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Eat Happy by Melissa Hemsley, £20

Comfort, healthy indulgence and bold flavours lie at the heart of Melissa Hemsley’s cooking ethos, and with each of the recipes in her new book taking 30 minutes or less to prepare, convenience and practicality can also be added to the list. With ample ‘feelgood food’ inspiration running through its pages, it aims to prove that healthy food needn’t be complicated.

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Mad Diet by Suzanne Lockhart, £14.99

During her time as a former Vice President of a multinational food science organisation for 10 years, Suzanne had insider access into the politics and production of our food and, after being diagnosed with depression in 1989, has spent over two decades investigating the impact of Western diets on physical and mental health. Believing that what we’re eating now is making us “fat, mad and ill,” it seeks to empower readers to reclaim their health by providing tips on how to break out of a bad diet cycle.

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The Healthy Gut Handbook by Justine Pattison, £14.99

A healthy gut has been increasingly linked with better digestion, weight, increased energy and improved mental health  and this new book by million-selling diet recipe writer, Justine Pattison, acts as a go-to guide on the subject. Featuring 80 tasty and easy recipes, an introduction by Tim Spector, author of the The Diet Myth and the scientist behind the latest research in gut health, plus a 28-day plan, it looks to provide a helping hand in making you feel great from the inside out in both the short and long-term.

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The Fat-Loss Plan by Joe Wicks, £16.99

The fifth book by the multi-million bestseller is certain to appeal to both die-hard and new fans of his Lean in 15 plan. Written for those who feel like they’ve tried everything and haven’t found a weight loss strategy that’s stuck, it serves as an easy-to-follow way to boost your motivation. Sound intriguing? Here's more information on  The Fat-Loss Plan 's core principles.

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The Longevity Diet by Dr Valter Longo, £9.99

One of the world leaders in the field of ageing and ageing-related diseases, this new release by Dr Valter Longo is an accumulation of his over 30 years’ research into how what we eat now has the potential to ‘turn back the body’s biological clock’ and reduce our chances of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s later on. Presenting his findings on the efficacy of a fasting-mimicking diet, the book’s already proven to be a sensation in Italy where it’s sold over 300,000 copies. All of the author proceeds will be donated to funding further research too.

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Re-Nourish by Rhiannon Lambert, £18.99

If your relationship with food needs a reboot, this book could be for you. Following the structure of a session with Rhiannon at her Harley Street clinic, she examines the emotional impact of food as well as the physical, bringing nutrition back to its basics and advocating an eating plan that benefits from a multifaceted approach. Optimum nutrition means ultimately eating with pleasure and without shame in Rhiannon’s view, and finding your own sustainable and unique route to achieving it.

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The Doctor’s Kitchen by Dr Rupy Aujla, £14.99

Advocating a ‘Plates over pills’ approach towards health and wellbeing, GP Dr Rupy Aujla has seen the effects of using food as medicine first-hand. Having overhauled a heart condition a few years ago by changing his diet, his debut cookbook aims to act as both an accumulation of his experiences and a response to unhealthy faddy diets, courtesy of 100 delicious recipes inspired by medical science and created with flavours from around the world.

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Cheat & Eats Lifestyle Programme by Jackie Wicks and Rob Hobson, £9.99

Originally developed by US healthy living expert Jackie Wicks and now adapted by Registered Nutritionist, Rob Hobson, this book looks to provide a quantifiable way to measure the old adage, ‘everything in moderation’ and make it fit into a real-life setting. With a programme centred around allowing you to eat the foods you love in healthy amounts and balancing it out with nutrient-dense meals that won’t leave you suffering from a case of food FOMO, it seeks to put an end to unsustainable plans that take all the joy out of eating well.

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The Shift56 System, £14.99

Written by respected fitness journalists Joe Warner and Jon Lipsey in collaboration with model and singer, Josh Cuthbert (of Union J fame), this 8-week system is based on three key elements - exercise, eating and journaling. Featuring circuit-based workouts that take just 30 minutes to do, an eating plan that places an emphasis on mindfulness and a goal-setting journal plan to help reduce stress and increase focus, it hopes to instill healthier and happier daily habits in those who read it.

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