The best wearable technology and fitness apps that'll take your workout to the next level

Ayesha Muttucumaru 16 September 2016
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The best wearable technology and fitness apps to take your workout to the next level

When it comes to wearable technology and wellness apps, which really deliver the goods when it comes to keeping your  health and fitness  goals on track?

Here at GTG, we’ve been putting a roster of workout boosters through their paces to see which ones are truly worthy of gold medal status. From the best fitness apps to the best fitness watches, gadgets that train every muscle to activity monitors that work both in and out of the gym, click through our gallery to see which made our essential edit...

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Happy Plugs In-Ear Rose Gold Headphones

If wearing jewellery while exercising proves uncomfortable, these are the next best thing. Turning earbuds into fashion staples, Happy Plugs headphones have been designed with comfortable and contemporary style at their core. The best-looking of gym accessories, they also provide stellar sound quality to make for the most subtle yet effective finishing touches to your go-to fitness wear ensemble. Plus, they won’t break the bank either. At £39.99, they prove a lot cheaper than a pair of diamond-studded earrings. We’re sold.

£39.99.  Buy online .

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Nike+ Training Club App

A PT in your smartphone, this app provides both workout recommendations and expert tips to keep fitness motivation levels sky high. Led by Nike pro athletes (including Team GB’s very own heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson) and designed by Nike Master Trainers, it allows you to stream NTC workouts from your phone to a TV or tablet and help achieve your get fit goal through a 4-week program. With the functionality to ‘build a crew’ and pick and choose the workouts you want, it offers both support and flexibility to take your at-home fitness regime to the next level.

Nike+ Training Club App, free .

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Apple Watch

The ideal gadget for helping you fit your workouts into the most hectic of schedules, this portable PA makes for the perfect way for helping you to stay aboard the healthy bandwagon. An effective way to keep track of appointments, deadlines, work and general life, Siri takes the role of health coach with the help of a bevy of useful apps to ensure you never forget that glass of water (courtesy of ‘Water Minder’), don’t get lost en route to your next class or lose the timing of your next burst of HIIT. With a vast array of stylish straps, from silver to sporty, and a motivating activity tracker to keep you up to date with your daily movement, the Apple Watch is close to overtaking our iPhones as our arm candy of choice.

The Apple Watch starts from £299 and is available from  Apple .

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TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Training Watch

If you thought TomToms were reserved solely for your car, think again - they also come in pretty handy for wrists too. With a built-in heart rate monitor at its base (to help you train within your optimal heart rate zone) and built-in GPS receiver, this superior sports watch keeps track not only of your distance, but also of time, pace, speed and calories burned in real time to make for the most motivational of gym buddies. Ideal for running, cycling and swimming, it’s the multi-sport piece of fitness tech versatile enough to keep up with any workout regime.

£209.99.  Buy online .

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Beats By Dre Powerbeats2 In-Ear Headphones

Not often can a pair of headphones say they carry the seal of approval of one of music’s best producers. Coming straight outta the studio to provide not only superb sound quality, but also run-proof endurance, their soft yet sturdy ear hooks ensure they stay put no matter how hot and sweaty your workout gets. They also offer 6 hours playback and sweat and water resistance, plus a handy remote for making hands-free calls. We’re certain that like us, you’ll be wearing them long after your workout’s over.

£169.95.  Buy online .

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iPod Shuffle

If music is your motivator in terms of helping you run/train/cycle that little bit further or faster, this small but mighty workout booster makes for the perfect partner. Lightweight and easy to clip onto your fitness garb of choice, its 2GB capacity holds up to 500 songs and is also compatible with podcasts and audiobooks to appease your inner multitasker too. If you find yourself headed from work to workout and back again, its easy to navigate control pad allows you to play and pause with ease, with its ‘shuffle’ switch also providing an instant remix to ensure your playlist never falls flat.

From £36.  Buy online .

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Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch

Sleek, stylish and superb at ensuring your sporting goals stay headed in the right direction, this smart sports watch is truly deserving of the title ‘Super.’ A pint-sized powerhouse of a fitness tracker, features include wrist-based heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and thorough recording of stats like steps, distance and calories burned for a whole host of different activities. It’s also very good at keeping track of your sleep and sleeping patterns too, in addition to also offering extra bonuses such as music control and text and call notifications to give traditional watches a serious run for their money.

£199.99.  Buy online .

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Frends Layla Leather and Rose Gold-Tone Headphones

Promising both style and substance, these headphones are certain to appeal to both fashion fanatics and fashionistas alike. Complete with phone control and a three button volume mic, they combine great sound quality, a covetable rose-gold finish and memory foam ear cushions to provide comfort and flair in equal measure.

£140.  Buy online .

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Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch

Whether swimming, running, golfing or cycling is your workout of choice, this incredibly clever sports watch has all bases covered come sun, shine or showers. With a sunlight-readable, high resolution colour screen and GPS-enabled apps to monitor your activity both in and out of the gym, it's put our training in HD in more ways than one. Counting steps, calories and distance as well as pace and time, it also comes with some useful smartphone features including caller ID, calendar reminders and social media and app modifications. Interesting fact - it also offers more than 38,000 downloadable golf course maps, measures your swim efficiency and sets personalised daily step goals too. If you know your birdie from your bogey, your breast from your backstroke, or find yourself deskbound for far too long, this could be the sports gadget for you.

£189.99.  Buy online .

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This might just be the most personal, but most innovative PT going. The brainchild of Jawbone creator Alex Asseily and sexual and reproductive health expert Tania Boler, Elvie targets the pelvic floor muscles to help both strengthen them and prevent future pelvic health problems such as incontinence and bad posture. A notoriously hard area to workout properly, the device includes a pebble shaped pod which is used like a tampon and with the help of the Elvie app and the pod’s sensors, tracks form and technique via Bluetooth to assess the strength of your pelvic floor and recommend five minute workouts to help increase its strength over time. Genius.

£149.  Buy online .

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A food tracker at your fingertips, this calorie-counting app is one of the most popular around - and for good reason. Not only does it allow you to calculate the calories of individual meals using its impressive database (with over 5 million foods), but it also provides the option to make exercise entries, connect with other wearable technology (such as Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Health to name but a few) and has a recipe importer should you want to collate your internet-found breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas in one place. Throw into the mix the fact that it also boasts a barcode scanner and that the app is free and it sounds like one heck of a bargain to us.

MyFitnessPal, free .