If you’re headed to Ibiza for the closing parties this month, make sure these places are on your radar. Nina Deckers, Creative Director of luxury resort and swimwear brand Lazul, shares her favourite yoga classes, markets and hiking routes

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I moved to Ibiza in 2013, exactly a year after I launched Lazul  with Harrods. It was a quick decision - I’d been going to the island for 20 years, so I thought why not? I figured I could always go back to my old life if it didn’t work out.

So I packed up and moved. It was scary because at that point I’d been in London for 17 years - it was my home. In fact, I still consider it home and love it for all that it has given and taught me.

Ibiza is amazing though and it took me in with open arms. It brought some wonderful new friends into my life and it has a very cool and fun international community. After a while, you discover that it has a very hidden private side with great little places and activities that are only discovered after living there - from yoga classes in the middle of the woods to small markets and artisan vendors selling everything from pickled figs in thyme to homemade goat’s cheese, gluten-free cakes and marzipan balls with fresh pine nuts...there’s so much to try.

Where to go

For food

Firstly, check out the Can  Tixedo  weekend artisan food market  on Saturday mornings. You can also go there for a nice brunch by picking and choosing whatever you want from the stalls. It finishes at around 3 pm.

On Sundays, visit the San Juan market  between 11 am and 3 pm. It’s great for nice artisan gifts such as straw shoes, hand-painted glass and handmade straw hats. There are also some great eateries further up the main road for an after shopping treat too.

My favourite restaurant is La Paloma . For lunch, they serve healthy local food - think big salads, falafel, burgers, the best hummus on the island and divine homemade desserts. You won’t be disappointed. The location is also great, and they have a fragrant orange and lemon garden too. For dinner, you’ll find charred aubergine, risottos, lamb and other interesting delights on the menu. It’s great for a romantic date.

My other favourite spot is  Macao  in Santa Gertrudis, which has a beautiful garden, great Italian food and a vibrant scene. It’s always fun.

For yoga

Ibiza has a huge wellbeing scene which includes everything from state-of-the-art yoga  parlours in the middle of the woods to Temazcal sweat lodges . There’s an enormous amount of choice on the island, which is a surprise because of its size.

I have dug deep into yoga and meditation while being here due to the number of phenomenal teachers here. Some great examples are Sylvie Bader and Anna McColl (she also organises retreats and workshops ), who hold classes in Galleria Elefante  and Open Space , an incredible yoga location in the middle of the woods near Santa Gertrudis and San Lorenzo.

Both provide mats and blocks, so just bring yourself! They are Hatha yoga based but each teacher has their own spin.

For hikes

I’ve become an expert hiker during my time here (I’ve had my fair share of sprained ankles and clumsy falls along the way though). There are so many beautiful spots to discover.

If you’re new to hiking, a great walk to start with is along the natural reservoir of Salinas , in the south of the island. It has a rocky coast, with tiny coves to have a swim in, and it’s surrounded by pine trees and bushes with what sounds like a gazillion crickets in them. The hike can be done in normal trainers and a bikini if you want (to make going for a swim simpler). It is gorgeous at sunrise on the Es Cavallet side or at sunset on the Salinas side.

The walk will also take you to one of the nicest swimming spots at the end of Es Cavallet Beach . It is stunning in September/October time.

Whenever I do that hike, it reminds me why I moved here. I don’t regret it for a second, it was the best decision I ever made - even with its challenges.

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