12 of the best yoga hotspots in London

Ayesha Muttucumaru 26 October 2018
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12 of the best yoga hotspots in London

Whether you’re a vinyasa virgin or a yogini in the making, London is bubbling with yoga hotspots to help take your yoga practice to the next level.

With classes catering for every style and every skill level, it’s no wonder the discipline is now regarded as an essential part of many people’s working week to help counteract the effects of too much screen time. Which classes are really worth booking in for though? Here are our favourite hotspots in town that we’d highly recommend you try out...

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Another Space

London location: Covent Garden.

Why hit this hotspot? With infra-red heating to create a dry, almost holiday-like warmth, white open spaces and beautiful studio-specific scents, this is hot yoga at its most luxurious. With patient, not pushy instructors (Sara is one of our personal faves) at hand to make sure proper form is always correctly observed, plus lovely changing facilities too, this is one hotspot certain to make you smile through the sweat.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - £30 for 2 credits plus a buddy pass. .

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Virgin Active

London locations: Aldersgate, Broadgate, Cannon Street/Walbrook, Crouch End, Kensington, Mayfair, Merchant Square, Tower Bridge.

Why hit this hotspot? To take your yoga practice to new heights. Literally, via the club's anti-gravity classes. A highlight on its yoga menu, channel your inner Cirque du Soleil performer (its inspiration) courtesy of strong yet silky hammocks that help even the most ungraceful feel their most elegant. Not only do they provide an extra degree of support for helping perfect trickier moves, but they also incorporate a creative take on inversions to help improve circulation. Plus, how does Savasana in a hammock sound? Pretty dreamy right...(we very nearly fell asleep in ours).

Is an intro offer available? Yes, check the website for current deals. .

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Good Vibes Yoga

London locations: Fitzrovia and Covent Garden.

Why hit this hotspot? A blissful hotspot that supplies a winning combination of expert tuition and invigorating classes to calm both body and mind. Softly lit and extremely calming, its variety of classes helps boost flexibility and positivity in equal measure. Its restorative yoga class is worthy of particular praise in our opinion - simple but hugely effective, it helped knead out all of our pesky muscular niggles caused by a week sitting at a desk, leaving us walking noticeably taller and straighter the next day. Good vibes felt all round after this one.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - try your first class for £5. .

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London locations: Covent Garden, Soho, Chelsea, Camden, Ealing, Shoreditch.

Why hit this hotspot? Providing an all-encompassing approach, expect to find a whole host of far-reaching facilities to help give your yoga practice a multi-faceted edge. Alongside life workshops and the studios’ highly experienced therapists, the classes provide a great range of styles and relaxation methods to choose from with each instructor offering their own unique twist to help visitors incorporate some much-needed restoration into their hectic working weeks. With white walls, stained glass windows and open spaces, it acts as a calming oasis amidst the chaos of the capital.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - 30 days for £54. .

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Hotpod Yoga

London locations: Notting Hill, Brixton, South Wimbledon, Hackney.

Why hit this hotspot? With classes taking place in what we can only describe as ‘cocoons of bliss,’ a visit to this literal hotspot is sure to limber up rigid muscles and loosen up stiff limbs. Heated to 37 degrees, the pods are hot but not unbearably so and the effective combination of active and passive postures, tranquil purple lighting and chilled-out playlists holds the key to not just a more mellow state of mind, but also a more flexible body too.

Is an intro offer available? Yes. Prices differ from location to location. See website for further details. .

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Fat Buddha Yoga

London locations: East London.

Why hit this hotspot? Founded by DJ and yoga trainer Jessica Skye, expect each class at FBY to be as positive and cool as its creator. With her venues ranging from sunny rooftops to nightclub basements to five-star hotels, Jessica’s choice of residencies and tailor-made playlists make her classes supremely distinct, providing the best possible start or end to anyone’s day.

Classes start from £12. .

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London locations: Mayfair, Moorgate, Chelsea, Notting Hill.

Why hit this hotspot? If you’re familiar with the ‘barre burn,’ then your body will thank you for booking into this class. Routines have been designed to build strength and flexibility through challenging muscle-opening sequences of Asanas, deep stretches and breathing exercises - you’ll leave longer and leaner.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - first class is priced at £20 and a one month unlimited pass is priced at £150. .

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Fierce Grace

London locations: Near Queen’s Park (West), Kentish Town (North), Old Street (City), Finchley, Primrose Hill, Brixton.

Why hit this hotspot? Its signature Fierce Grace class is guaranteed to make you break a sweat (without breaking a limb), thanks to great personal attention and modifications by the instructors to ensure best form and technique are mastered from the get-go. With plenty of space to perfect your three-legged Downward Dog without fear of kicking your fellow yogi square in the jaw (not very zen...), the classes appeal to both beginners and experts alike.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - 30 consecutive days for £39. .

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London locations: Two studios based in East London.

Why hit this hotspot? There’s a real sense of community at this particular yoga studio - a fact evident from the feeling of encouragement and ease you get from the first class. Pared back and personable, all pretention is left at the door to remove the intimidation factor and make you stretch that much further. With great attention to detail paid by the team of expert instructors, it makes the world of yoga all the more simple to step into.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - 10 days for £25. .

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Sangyé Yoga School

London locations: Ladbroke Grove.

Why hit this hotspot? Expect close instruction, meditation and devotional chanting to feature in this yoga hotspot’s classes. Combined with moves to build suppleness and strength, it provides a vigorous workout both inside and out. Merging the physical with the metaphysical, those interested in exploring the Indian system of yoga in an accessible way should definitely give this yoga school a go.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - £40 for 30 consecutive days of classes. .

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Core Collective

London locations: Kensington.

Why hit this hotspot? It's impossible to zone out in this class, its mixture of strength and flexibility-boosting poses and holds will keep you constantly engaged - as will the teachers. A favourite of our Senior Features Writer Anna Hunter’s, you're guaranteed to leave more energised and little bendier too.

Is an intro offer available? Yes - a five-class taster pack for £12. .

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Locations: Shoreditch.

Why hit this hotspot? For a multisensory experience that cuts you off from the chaos of living in the capital. Using light and colour therapy to offset the effects of blue light overexposure (we could all do with a little bit of that), calming soundscapes and essential oil-rich scents, it’s immersive yoga at its most intriguing. It's a favourite of our Art Editor, Sarah McGinnis'.

Is there an intro offer available? Yes - 7 consecutive days for £35. .

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