Make sweating chic and stretching stylish with these new ultra sophisticated leggings from LA based sports brand Varley

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There was a time when doing a workout consisted of simply throwing on an old baggy t-shirt and a tatty pair of worn-through leggings. These days however, the gym has become as stylish and fashion forward as our day to day clothing, with Luxe brands producing items so chic women can hop straight from body sculpting to brunch . The most recent brand to join the trendy troop is LA based Varley, whose luxurious leggings have seen the Glossy Posse’s gym visits increase by 100%.

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Combining the bohemian style of LA fashion with the cool practicality of London living, these Sofia leggings by Varley are the ultimate in stylish activewear. Breathable, lightweight and super comfortable they’re ideal for any form of workout, whether that means a pump of Pilates in the morning or a gruelling  HIIT  session. And, while they may appear fairly small on the hanger they in fact stretch to double their size but the uber tight fabric means every bit of your legs, bum and tum are nipped, tucked and trimmed into perfection.

If you weren’t motivated to get yourself to the gym already, the thought of being able to show these bad boys off in public certainly will get you there.

Varley Sofia Leggings, £75,  buy online