Throw away the scales and curb the calorie counting; Healthy Selfie is all you need to stay motivated and on the fitness wagon

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It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case I’d argue that it’s also worth countless ego-shattering weigh-ins and miserable calorie controlled dinners.  Healthy Selfie  is a free app that allows you to to not only monitor your physical transformation photographically, thus taking away the angst and likely inaccurate picture associated with jumping on the scales, but also witness others’ body transformations, not to mention source workout and meal inspiration from the Healthy Selfie community on a 24/7 basis. Part social network, part personal trainer, part recipe bank and part Mr Motivator, Healthy Selfie will not only spur you on to achieve the physique that you’re aiming for, but will also furnish you with a pool of health information. Dive on in- this is how it works…

On taking a selfie, your image will be automatically ‘date stamped’. This isn’t just handy for your reference, it lends the app some serious integrity that’s missing from regular social media feeds, as co-founder Joe Li explains:

“We feel that date stamps ensure authenticity of the images so that they reflect real, genuine transformations.”

Once you’ve got your ‘before’ out there (or kept it to yourself- there’s a private setting), you can get working on the ‘afters’, fired on by others’ progress and achievements and full of ideas on how to mix up your workouts, cook up a healthy storm and keep your spirits up. A virtual food diary helps you to keep an eye on your diet (it’ll be immediately apparent if you’re not  eating the rainbow …), while focusing on your shape rather than obsessing over fluctuating figures makes your body transformation a healthier endeavour overall, as  Project Bikini  expert and Nike Master Trainer  Joslyn Thomspon-Rule  highlights:

“Weighing yourself is not a realistic measure of your  Project Bikini  success. You will add lean muscle which takes up less space than body fat tissue of the same weight. A better measure is to take images. Take a weekly picture of yourself in the bikini you aim to dazzle in, from the front and side-on. Ensure you take the pictures at the same time each week, in the same light so that conditions are consistent. If you are seeing success, we would love you to share your bikini pictures with us!.”

To do just that,  download Healthy Selfie  and use the hashtags #GetTheGloss, #ProjectBikini and #HotHappyHealthy. You’ll be in good company with a crowd of Project Bikini lovers and Healthy Selfie supporters, and you’ll be able to contrast your post-PB body with your pre-PB figure in mere moments, proving that the 12 weeks of mindful eating and killer workouts paid off. Plus, who knows what could be achieved beyond that? The  Healthy Selfie blog  could give you a few ideas, and co-founder Charlotte even used the app to track her growing baby bump. This app and our guide are for life, not just bikini season.


Healthy Selfie is currently available on iPhone, with Android release in the pipeline for later this year. Download the Project Bikini guide  here .