Lija’s Floral Eyelet Run Shorts bring the perfect combination of comfort and fashion to your workout

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When we first saw Lija’s pretty Floral Eyelet Run Shorts, we suddenly developed an urge to become dedicated runners - any excuse to pull these on and show them off. These shorts have cute floral cutout detailing on either side of the leg and are available in a peachy pink with gold piping or turquoise with matching turquoise piping. Appealing touches like this make them the perfect fashionable fitness piece and mean that they easily translate from workout to outing (when the weather permits it, of course).

The lightweight stretch material is soft to the touch and gives a snug fit without being tight, making your run extremely comfortable. They hang off the upper thigh, allowing the leg to breathe and don’t limit you in any aspect of your workout – whether you’re sprinting, jumping or squatting. The comfy fit and pretty appearance make them an essential part of your summer wardrobe. Whether we’re heading to the gym, the beach or on holiday, we won’t be seen without them.

LIJA Floral Eyelet Run Shorts, £40. Buy online at www.