Whatever threatens to drain your batteries, whether it's low mood, hormones or a 4pm sugar dip, our columnist knows how to surf the slump. Here’s how Elle manages her energy all day

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When we met up with Elle Macpherson  earlier this year, she told us she’d never been a duvet diver. When an energy slump threatens to strike, she has simple and failsafe solutions that have served her well for the last few years. So, of course, we wanted to know more…

Elle’s solutions to the 6 most common energy lows

Energy dip 1: lack of sleep

I find energy is affected when I’m not getting enough sleep, so I am pretty vigilant about getting seven hours a night, going to bed as early as 9:30pm or 10pm. I make sure I put aside time to wind down and reflect on the day before bed, this helps calm body and mind so I have a solid sleep. I also find myself feeling better and more quietly grounded after a yoga class in the evenings. Getting outside in the sunshine during the day and being in nature does wonders for the spirit as does a good laugh. Nothing beats being with my two sons. When my eldest is home from college and the three of us spend quality time together is the best type of energy boost.

Energy dip 2: low mood

If I am feeling low, I take a healthy and holistic approach to harnessing energy. I do vinyasa flow yoga or power yoga, or go for a swim, go paddle boarding or water skiing, or take the dogs for a walk. Getting out and about in the fresh air, being with animals, catching up with friends or doing fun activities with the boys makes me focus on things I love and changes my mood, as do nurturing activities like cooking or tending to the garden.

I’m also a bit of a ‘ Words with Friends ’ (the crossword app) fan, so putting that negative energy into using brain power playing Scrabble, helps distract me from feeling blue.

Energy dip 3: The 4pm sugar crash

Eating a balanced diet of plants and clean protein gives me a lot of energy, especially mid-afternoon when fatigue tends to set in. My fridge is always stocked with plenty of organic locally-sourced seasonal vegetables and proteins, nut milks, snacks such as hummus and tahini, fruit and sprouts that are nutrient-rich. I love to put soaked almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in the dehydrator  so they are nice and crunchy. It means I get all the deliciousness and health benefits without the need to smoke, roast or fry them.

My favourite 4 pm snack is my special chocolate mousse recipe with avocado . Sometimes I’ll add hemp seeds for extra protein.

Energy dip 4: Jetlag

I take two teaspoons of  Super Elixir before I get on a plane, another two teaspoons diluted in a litre of water in-flight and two more when I land. I rarely eat on the flight to give digestion a rest. I just drink lots of water. Honestly, I can get straight off a long-haul flight, go straight to a board meeting and feel really well. It works for me!

Energy dip 5: heavy legs

After adopting a largely plant-based diet, I felt and saw a dramatic difference in my body. I felt lighter, cleaner and had an increase in energy. I don't get sick and wake up feeling more rested.

If my legs feel heavy, I’ll do waterfall yoga pose [lying on the back with legs raised and blocks beneath the sacrum] or lie with my legs up the wall before bed for about 15 minutes. An Epsom salts  bath also does wonders. If I’m by the sea, walking thigh deep in water is the best way for me to lighten legs.

Energy dip 6: bloating

Because good health starts with a healthy digestive system, I rely on a wholefood plant-based diets that contain ingredients rich in pre and probiotics for supporting a healthy gut and digestive system, this helps reduce bloating and many IBS symptoms. Walking in seawater is one of the best things I can do for my body. It tones the legs and waist, it’s great for minerals and if you have any water retention, it’s a great diuretic. I walk in thigh-high deep or knee-deep water for 40 minutes to an hour.

Energy dip 7: hormones

Hormonal energy slumps can occur in me for lots of different reasons. When I am feeling down or stressed, I add a single vial of WelleCo Women’s Libido + Hormone Support Super Booster to water or combine with my daily WelleCo Super Elixir . It’s a blend of herbs that really help balance my hormones naturally and stabilize energy levels and libido. And it tastes deliciously of fresh raspberries and peach flesh!

Find out about Welleco’s seven new Super Boosters made with adaptogens and medicinal botanicals at  welleco.co.uk .  They launch in the UK on 29 November 2018.

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