The Victoria's Secret model discussed the importance of confidence and how she worked hard to get her figure back in a recent interview with Self magazine

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Victoria’s Secret models are known for having the “perfect body” but in a new interview with Self Magazine, Alessandra Ambrosio has revealed that it’s not just all about your figure and that she wants more for her daughter.

The VS Angel said that she would like her five-year-old daughter Anja to grow up feeling confident about the way she looks and to know that there is more to life than appearance.

She admirably said: “Having a perfect body isn't everything. I want my daughter to be nice, have a good education and be disciplined. That's what makes people like her. A perfect butt doesn't make an amazing person. It's about feeling confident.”

Alessandra admitted that despite her figure, she didn’t begin exercising until after her daughter was born.

She told Self: “When I started with Victoria's Secret at 21, I never worked out. Then when I got pregnant with my daughter, I gained about 60 pounds and had to walk the Victoria's Secret show three months later. That was the first time I had to really fight to get my body back into shape.”

So what did the model do to get fit? Worked hard, that’s what.

“When you're in a bikini, your abs are the most important. I like doing bridges and I'll also finish a workout with 100 bicycle crunches. I'll do three sets of 25 Supermans [to tone my back],” she revealed.

“I don't really do much for my arms - throwing my kids in the air helps already. Plus, as a Brazilian, I know the last thing a man is going to look at - even after your feet - is your arms.

“I Spin on Monday, go to pilates on Wednesday and yoga on Sunday. You have all these other things to put in front of [workouts] that you say are more important, but they’re not. Your health is most important.”