Psycle just opened its fourth London studio, and we were among the first to hit the saddle

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I’m a self-confessed spin addict, so when I was invited to the launch of Psycle ’s newest studio in Notting Hill I jumped at the chance.

Psycle already has studios in Fitzrovia, Shoreditch and Clapham, but this is the first outpost in West London. It's launching with one hero class, the 45 minute Ride, all day every day from 6.30am to 7.30pm. For the uninitiated, this class is an all-singing all-dancing cycling class, complete with weights tracks, endurance tracks and speed tracks.

The studio is launching with an intro offer of three class credits and one buddy credit for £30, until 31 December. Classes will normally be £22 each.

“People have been asking us when we’re going to open in West London pretty much since we launched our first studio, so we’re thrilled to finally have a home in this vibrant, iconic London area,” says Psycle CEO Rhian Stephenson.

Situated on Westbourne Grove, a stone's throw from Goop, SpaceNK and Reformation, the 56 bike studio is the most modern spin destination I’ve set foot in (and trust me, I’ve tried them all). Every locker is fitted with charging ports, and the changing rooms are equipped with luxury hair products from Sacha Juan  - a far cry from the three-in-one shampoo, shower gel and conditioner in my local gym.

There’s an abundance of GHD straighteners and hairdryers available too, meaning there’s no waiting awkwardly in your towel for fellow spinners to finish blowdrying their hair.

I was pleased to spot that as with the other Psycle studios, Energy Kitchen has a counter in the space, selling plant-based shakes, coffee, breakfast and grab-and-go food designed by Rhian herself.

Speaking of Rhian, she led the class I took at the studio, which was soundtracked by a live-DJ. The first song that boomed through the market-leading sound system was Shake That Ass by Eminem, which 100 per cent set the tone for the rest of the class.

The energetic 45-minute class whizzed by in a blur of push-ups, weight tracks, and standing surges, and when Rhian shouted out at the end that the class was nearly done, I’ve never felt such disappointment that a session was almost over.

I can honestly say it was the most inspirational spin class I’ve ever been to - even when I felt like my arms were going to drop off when I was pulsing the hand weights, I was determined not to give up. The atmosphere was electric and the energy never dipped. The pace was fast (maybe faster than I'm used to), but Rhian was quick to point out that everyone should work at their own level, and when I couldn't quite keep up with the tap-backs I felt no shame in doing my own thing for a few seconds while I caught up.

Rhian dashed about the studio, turning levers and increasing intensity on bikes to make sure everyone got the most out of their workout, and while a year ago I would have found this daunting, I felt myself not wanting to let Rhian down, so left the level higher than I would normally and walked out of the studio feeling my strongest, best self.

I've already booked in my next class, and can't wait to get back in the saddle.