What do real women spend on their health each month? In the first of a new series, we asked makeup artist Cher Webb to share her balance sheet

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Cher Webb, makeup artist and beauty influencer, 38, lives in East Dulwich with her fiancé

I’m constantly on my computer or phone, whether it’s posting on social media or editing an Instagram video. So, my priorities are finding holistic ways to switch off. I find that my mood and energy can really go downhill if I don’t.

A large proportion of my disposable income therefore, goes on my maintaining my mental health and feeling centred. If I look after my mind, I find that I eat well, have more motivation to go to the gym and my skin looks better too. I try not to spend more than £400 on wellness each month, I mix up what I do depending on how I’m feeling.

Acupuncture, £120

I have it twice a month to release tension in my shoulders and correct my posture which can become squashed and tight due to carrying my makeup kit and doing makeup on the go. It also helps when I have PMT and when I have vertigo which I started to get because I was flying so often. The flight pressure plays havoc with my sinuses which then affects my balance. I see a difference instantly and I always book in whenever I feel anything coming on or if I'm feeling stressed.

Kate Freemantle Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  £60 a session.

Sound healing, £80

I might swap out an acupuncture session for sound healing - an hour and a half massage followed by 45 minutes of gong meditation. The vibrations take you to a completely different world which helps me switch off.

Cherabella.  £80 per session.

Floatation, £50

This is something I’m keen to do more of this year. I have lot of friends who’ve also tried and loved it - you’re in the dark in complete silence, so it’s interesting to see what your mind comes up with after 20 minutes. It takes that amount of time to switch off, it puts you in an intense meditation state. If I don’t book in for sound healing, I’ll book in for this instead.

Floatworks Floatation Tank Centre . £50 for a 1 hour float.

Skype life coaching, £100

I worked for MAC for 14 years and so it was scary when I left in March last year and branched out on my own. To help with the transition, I started having life coach sessions every two weeks. Now, I have them just when I need a boost and will swap out an acupuncture session for it. It’s not therapy, more about learning how to get shit done - you create vision boards and checklists to make you more accountable for what goes on in your life. I feel really energised afterwards, like I can take on the world.

Lynette Gray - Instagram @angelpixielove . £100 a session.

Flower Delivery, £48

A delivery of flowers really lifts my mood and makes me so happy! I have signed up to a bunch every fortnight but can opt in and opt out. They’re huge, so I usually put them in little vases around the house. I use them for so many pictures for social media. If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I’d be a florist for sure!

Freddy’s Flowers , £24

Supplements, approx. £45

When I’m on the go, I don’t always eat well, so supplements really help boost my energy levels as well as my skin too. Terra Nova Intense Green Powder , £29.47, in a smoothie every other day, Nutravita Vitamin D , (£11.99 for 365), and Solgar Triple 3 omega-3 , (£16.11 for 50).

Fitness, approx. £100

My gym membership is £80 pcm via direct debit.

I love spinning, Pilates and Body Pump classes. The three combined works for me.

ESPH gym , East Dulwich.

I shop at Sports Direct, Lululemon and Nike for new gym kit. My new mantra though is ‘Don’t buy if I don’t need it,’ so, this year I’m going to be using my multiple pairs of leggings lurking at the back of my cupboard. But I’ll spend more on sports bras as I have quite a big bust. Sweaty Betty’s Bra Tops , £50, usually last me two to three months.

When I’m strapped for cash I...

Go for walks. Getting outside really clears my head. I’m thinking of getting a dog…also listening to music is one of my favourite things to do.

Listen to free guided meditations on YouTube and podcasts. I usually pick a topic I don’t know about so that I learn something at the same time. I love listening to Ted Talks when I’m in the bath too.

My favourite guided meditations are by:

The Dalai Lama

Michael Sealey

My favourite podcasts are:

Wobble - Jules Von Hep & Sarah Powell

Outspoken Beauty - Nicola Bonn

Is it just me - Jo Elvin and James Williams

The bottom line

Acupuncture is my number one priority when it comes to how I allocate my wellbeing budget each month. I'd sacrifice other luxuries like my morning Chai tea, eating out for dinner, evening drinks and even the other holistic therapies, to make sure that I could afford it as it makes such a big difference to all aspects of my physical and mental health.